16 months post op…and first post in 11 months


I had surgery in June 2012 for a rerupture that I tried to heal non-op from an injury that occurred in Feb 2012. My last post was early November 2012. Since then I moved, changed jobs, and life kind of took over and I haven’t kept up with the Achilles Blog community.

My post today is to share my experience with scar infiltration. I was still experiencing a lot of trouble with lack of strength even at the 12-month post-op point. I had fantastic range of motion but for whatever reason I still could not do heel raises although I could jog without it totally killing me.

My doc sent me to see another doc (osteopath) who had done some internship work with acupuncture and other, as he called it, “voodoo” medicine. One of the things she practices is scar infiltration to help promote subcutaneous healing of scar tissue. Her theory was that perhaps the scar tissue adhered to my skin so when my soleus muscle & tendon activated they were essentially dragging all of my skin along for the ride and hence not responding very well.

Not sure if that’s exactly what was going on but it seemed logical to me. Anyway, the treatment has been to get injections of lidocaine and sugar water just below the skin surface to force some spacing between the scar tissue and derma layer. Then she does a quick myofascial release and as the tissues re-heal they hopefully are no longer adhered.

The treatments are every 2 weeks. So far I’ve had 6 and the results have been pretty amazing. I can sort of do heel raises now–far better than before I started treatments. The scar itself looks & feels a ton better. Tissue is less pink/purple and more “normal” colored. The hardened chunks of scar tissue are smaller and/or softer.

She’s done this scar infil treatment on patients like me, women with C-section scars, and other people recovering from surgery who are dealing with issues with scar tissue.

I didn’t remember reading any posts about it when I was actively trolling and contributing to the board so figured I’d write something up and see if anyone else has experienced something similar.

Incidentally, two guys in my new organization each ruptured their Achilles tendons playing in an intramural basketball game–the same game. About 10 mins apart. One is 26 and in great shape and the other in his early 40s. We now have our own support group.

Happy healing to all. Thanks for reading.


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  1. Good to hear from you again, Durwood, and glad you’re making progress. In general, it’s easy to tell if there’s an adhesion between deep tissue and the skin, because flexing your ankle will drag your skin along and create a “pucker” where your other leg doesn’t have one. I’ve still got a tiny one on my right leg (ATR #1, surgical), ~12 years after that ATR. Tiny and harmless, in this case. But big ones create serious “drag”, and should be broken up if possible. It’s logical that early mobilization — even writing the alphabet in the air with your big toe at ~2 weeks in — would help keep them from forming, or lasting. And early WB could increase the chances that they’d break up naturally. All logical — in a field where most logical assumptions that are put to the test of a randomized trial turn out to be WRONG! ;-)

  2. Thanks for posting this Durwood.

    It’s great to know about different options for therapy that are out there. I sometimes wonder if I need more or different PT. I’m at 11 months and still no single leg calf raise either but great ROM as well. I get my heel up with a little ‘momentum’ but definitely not on my own strength in that achilles.

    Good luck with the scar treatment!

  3. Any word on the name of this treatment? I would like to look it up.

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