5 weeks post-surgery…feels pretty good

Tomorrow will be 5 weeks from my surgery date. Things are going pretty well. The incision looks great and I’ve been able to get in the pool for a couple weeks now. The exercise is awesome and the kicking has certainly helped with my ROM. Many thanks to Ryanb for the swimming advice!

I do wonder if the tendon is actually healing…tonight I tried giving myself the calf squeeze test and really didn’t get much of anything in my bad leg. Is it too soon to expect that? I have my next follow-up appt in a week and I start PT the day after that. So we’ll see what the ortho Doc says and then my Phys Therapist.

But I know how the tendon felt at this point 3 months ago during my attempt at non-op rehab and how it feels now…and it feels a LOT better/stronger/healthier now. So hopefully the T-test squeeze thing will show some results soon to validate it.

Only minor complaint is the heel lift in my boot. My original ortho staff gave me a different boot then the one I have now (brand name is Bledsoe). The lifts in my old boot were just rubber pads that were 1-cm thick each. But this one has a plastic wedge that is velcroed to the bottom. My foot tilts on the wedge so the foam pads that were glued & velcroed on top of the wedge slide to the right. Anyway, I’m constantly adjusting those stupid pads and when they slide off my heel is on top of the plastic wedge with no padding and it’s quite painful.

Does anybody else have a Bledsoe boot or one with a similar velcro wedge system? Any tips on how to keep those pads from sliding over?

Good luck to all in our recoveries. Some struggle more than others but it’s still a struggle for us all!


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  1. I try giving my self a Thompson test all the time and it is always non responsive, but when ever the surgeon does it he is happy, I think you have to be facing away so giving yourself the test doesn’t work, so don’t worry!

  2. Have you tried squeezing your good leg? I know what you are saying about twisting around to see your feet…but my good foot responds quite well to the test!

  3. Sorry forgot to say, sounds like good news there Durwood.

    Sorry the Bledsoe boot is giving you some grief, would the wedge from the previous boot fit? Can you use it?

    Happy healing :)

  4. No wedge solution here, other than “be creative”.

    I’d expect a post-op leg to pass the Thompson test at any interval post-op. You know that your AT is continuous from the sutures (even if there’s been zero healing, God Forbid!). Heck, maybe they should do frequent and early Thompson tests on all post-op ATR patients to keep them from developing post-op attachments! (BTW, I think I’m serious! After infections, pain, scars, and non-closing wounds, attachments are probably the most significant post-op complication, and it makes sense that making the adjacent layers of tissue slide over each other while they’re still healing could be an easy way to keep them from healing together in a non-layered, non-functional clump.)

  5. Or, better yet, get them out of a cast, and into a boot ASAP (like 1 week post surgery). Have them start doing no-load mobility work - things like writing the alphabet with their toes - right from the very start.

  6. Norm, I’m with you. I guess I was expecting a greater result on the T-test. It’s not like it’s a hard test to replicate at home–even without numerous years of med school & training!! And as I said previously my other leg responds very well to my at-home test.

    Ryan, I was pretty surprised that I was in the boot 1 week after surgery and WBAT. I used crutches for a few more days and then went to one crutch for a couple of days. By the end of week 2 I was FWB. Seemed pretty aggressive but the Doc said not to worry. I’ve been doing foot flexes, toe wiggles, and then the swimming. It feels terrific and looks good from the outside…guess I’ll have to see what the Doc says week from tomorrow.



  7. Im right at 5 weeks (almost 6) with you. Difference is I have been going to PT since the 3rd week (2 times a week) YES heel hurts wiht the lifts in. good idea wiht the swimming.. Im goign to try this weekned. Hang in there

  8. Hi Durwood
    I know this is a late response to an old post but I re ruptured last night and wanted to ask you how you’re getting on now. I have an appointment next week and I’m guessing they will offer surgery. Did you look into non op a second time at all? If there was any way I could avoid surgery I would but I don’t think I have read of anyone going non op a second time.
    How are you getting on now? I was walking up a slight incline and pushed off without thinking and it just popped. I thought of you and how awful you must have felt because I feel devastated. Hope your recovery is going well?

  9. Sheena,

    I’m sorry to hear about your setback. No doubt that a rerupture is a terrible thing to deal with…especially if you had been making good progress. I know from my experience the rest of that first day was really hard on me mentally.

    I just couldn’t imagine going through that whole process again and having the same thing happen so I never really considered the non-op route again. Plus my doctors advised me that surgery was the best chance at getting it repaired properly. Part of the problem was that 4 weeks elapsed from injury to diagnosis & non-op treatment the first time around, so I probably should have had surgery to begin with. After the rerupture it was pretty much a given.

    The good news is that at least for me the post-surgery recovery process has been a success. I was NWB in a splint for 1 week and at my 1-week check the incision was healing well enough that he put me in a boot (with heel lift) and said I could go to PWB right away and WBAT in a matter of days. So by the end of the 2nd week I was without crutches which was a tremendous relief.

    I was fortunate enough to have time off from work so the first couple of weeks I was elevating with ice…that might have helped the incision heal as well as it did.

    I began swimming at about 3 weeks and that really helped reduce swelling and increase my ROM.

    About 2 weeks ago (the 8 week point) I transitioned back into two shoes and have been getting physical therapy. I still walk with a bit of a hitch but it’s getting better by the day.

    I would say get the surgery and know that it’s going to be repaired properly. No more guessing & hoping that it will heal on its own. It’ll do wonders for your psyche as well as your tendon!

    Good luck and happy healing! Please keep me posted on your news.



  10. Hi Durwood,
    thanks so much for coming back to me. Interesting that you were in a boot after one week and FWB after two weeks. That is fantastic. What sort of boot did you have? Was it hinged? I don’t think so because you had heel wedges. How many heel wedges did you have?
    I am not going to let them keep me in a cast for six weeks as they did last time. I’m going to move it on quickly you have been.
    Thanks for your help.

  11. Oh and how long did you sleep in your boot for?

  12. Hi Sheena,

    I remember the Doc surprised me with how soon I was able to take it off for bed. Having said that, I can’t remember exactly if it was at the 1 or 2 week point. But I think I actually kept it on a little bit longer just because I felt more comfortable protecting it. But I didn’t go too far beyond his recommendation.

    Good luck!! Did you meet with the surgeon yet?


  13. Thanks…I am just about to write my blog…interesting have a look if you get a moment.

  14. Sheena, hi

    We’re waiting with bated breath, and my ‘good’ leg has aching and cramps in sympathy.


  15. Hi Durwood,
    How are you? Not posted in a wee while. would be good to hear from you….

  16. Hi Durwood,
    good to hear from you. I thought I’d post here in case you missed it if I replied on my post.
    I am two weeks today and all feels fine actually. No real pain, the odd fleeting twinge now and then. I do have to elevate a lot though. I see my ortho on wednesday and I am going to fight for my boot. If he argues that the tendon graft requires a cast then I guess I have to back down but I don’t want to hobble around in a bloody cast for two more weeks unless I really have to.
    You sound great and I bet that re rupture feels like it never happened now…
    Take care.

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