Surgery today

Hi everybody,

Thanks to all for the kind words of support over the past couple of days. Surgery today was a success. Well, I guess I should define success as there was nothing out of the ordinary, no complications during the procedure, and the surgeon didn’t see anything that wasn’t already anticipated. No fhl tendon transfer, no graft, etc.

The operation took 90 minutes and I was back home in my lazyboy by 1.00.

Nerve blocker is still in effect so my entire lower leg is entirely numb. But I have plenty of pain meds for when that wears off.

I was actually pretty nervous which seemed kind of silly because compared to “real” surgeries (like open heart, c-section, etc.) this seemed pretty trivial. But I’d never been been under a general anesthetic before so I was curious and a bit anxious about that.

Anyway, round 2 of healing has begun!


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  1. Congrats, Durwood! I hope all continues to heal quickly this time around. Don’t get behind in the pain meds - it hurts for the first 24-48 hours after the block wears off! Elevation helped a LOT!

  2. Well done!
    First knock out for surgery is scary! Hope it’s not too painful and I’ll be watching your recovery. Keep us posted. It has been a long haul for you. I’m non op in the UK so have read your enitire blog….Hope it goes really quickly for you this time.

  3. Thanks Kim & Sheena,
    Today wasn’t bad but no doubt due to nerve blocker. I’ve been home for 7 hours and still can’t feel a thing in my leg! But I did start the 12 hr pain meds and will take another before sleeping because the blocker will probably wear off at some point in the night.

    Leg is elevated on several pillows. Follow up appt is a week from tomorrow.

    Thanks again for all the positive thoughts.


  4. Good luck and good healing! When I was heading for open-heart surgery a pal said that the difference between MAJOR surgery and all the other surgeries is whether it’s being done to YOU! :-)

  5. Hiya Norm, too funny! It was no big whup when it was all said & done. They stuck a mask on me, I remember making a scuba joke and I kinda figured when they couldn’t understand what I was saying that I was on my way to la-la land. And, just like they said, I woke up in the recovery room wondering where the rodent disappeared to that apparently crapped in my mouth while I was out!!!!

    The nerve blocker was dy-no-mite until it wore off at 3 AM this morning. Even though I started the oxy-goodstuff before it wore off the pain was pretty intense and woke me up. I haven’t been to sleep since. Hopefully this sharp pain doesn’t last more than a couple of days. I do have one of those ice water pump things that is strapped on top of the splint bandages and although I can barely feel it I hope it is helping with the swelling.

    I might get brave later today and venture out of my lazyboy and get my blood circulating by crawling upstairs to get in the shower.

    Thanks for the support!


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