Surgery for my rerupture

It’s been pretty eventful since my rerupture episode on May 30th. I had a referral to see a foot & ankle specialist this week on Wednesday and surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. As anxious as I was and have been about having surgery, I think I reached the conclusion that it’s my best option at this point. I just couldn’t fathom the prospect of trying non-op rehab again and getting 12-15 weeks down the road (again) and having it rerupture (again)! So surgery here we come.

The surgeon seemed pretty sure it would be a straightforward procedure and that he doesn’t think it’ll be anything more than cleaning up the scar tissue and doing a conventional repair. But…isn’t what they all say? Obviously he won’t know until he gets it opened up and sees just how bad it is (or isn’t). I can only imagine waking up from anesthesia on Monday with stitches on my foot as well as a sign that he had to do an fhl transfer! But hopefully that’s not the case.

I was able to borrow one of those ice water-pump-cooler-things to wrap my ankle and keep the swelling down (and stitches from popping out). The protocol they’ll have me follow–assuming no complications–is 1 week in a splint NWB and starting in week 2 I switch to PWB in a boot. The beginning of the week will be less weight and by the end of the week I should be at WBAT. Interesting. It’s more aggressive than my previous protocol–which specified the same timelines and milestones for both surgical & non-op rehabs.

We’ll see how it goes. Fingers are crossed!

Good luck and happy healing to everybody in our happy but unfortunate community!


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  1. Hi there,
    I have read your whole blog and know what you’ve been/going thru.
    Good luck to you!
    What a pain this is to us!
    Please let us know how you get on. I am two weeks non op but may need surgery when I go in on Monday if it’s not healing. You have been thru an awful lot and I think you’re coping really well.

  2. Sheena,
    Thanks for the support! Good luck to you too. Is there something your docs are saying that will require surgery after only 2 weeks? At my 2 week check I was barely registering any response on the calf squeeze test. My ortho wasn’t all that surprised though, and two weeks later (4 weeks into rehab) I showed a ton of improvement!

    Also, my ortho said she had another non-op patient that didn’t show anything until week 6! And they were just about to give up and schedule surgery and he started showing a good response.

    So I think it reinforces the notion that these injuries are different for everyone and that includes the healing process. Two weeks sounds premature to bail on the non-op strategy unless there are other circumstances about your injury.

    Good luck to you with whichever method you choose!


  3. Thanks Durwood,
    I will bear that in mind. I had an ultra sound at week one which showed a haematoma around the join area. I think that was the only concern about it not healing. I am going to have another ultra sound on Monday so that they can see properly. I also had a bad calf cramp a few days back and it’s been sore since so I’m worried that has yanked at the newly healing tendon. We’ll see Monday. The OS said from day one if it wasn’t ahowing signs of healing on ultra sound that he would operate. He knows I really want to go non op and it’s his default, he doesn’t operate unless he has too. This is the NHS he gets paid come what may. Is your op Monday? Good luck.

  4. Hey durwood,
    I am glad you have come to peace with the given choices. Hopefully, everything is best case and your recovery can proceed without any more complications.

  5. hey Durwood .. good luck tomorrow .. hopefully the surgical option will work out fine .. Im a little over 2 weeks post-op and it’s going ok so far … hope tomorrow goes well .. recover fast


  6. How are you Durwood?

  7. Not too bad…nerve blocker wore off in middle of night and that really got my attention! Haven’t slept much since then but all in all doing okay. Thanks!

    How about you? Did your hematoma resolve or do they still want to operate on you?


  8. Hi there,
    sorry it’s been so long. News was good. It was healing so he put on a second cast hopefully going into boot in one week. I have taken a couple of stumbles though and put weight on it. He doesn’t want to see me early but I live in dread that I have gone back to square one. No body knows better than you how that feels.
    How are you now? I think you’ve been so brave after all the time you stuck with things and had to start again.

  9. Hi Sheena, I’m glad to hear you are progressing without surgery but understand completely what you’re talking about as far as living in dread when you have a small stumble around the house! It’s such an awful injury to recover from and none of us has the luxury of living in a cocoon for 6 weeks to let it heal without the daily demands of life! Fortunately my family has supported me tremendously since surgery and I was able to basically sit in my big chair with my foot elevated for the past week. However, just yesterday my sandal caught on the front steps while I was hopping back up and although I didn’t land on my bad leg it did cause my body to tense up and I felt the skin tighten up down on my ankle–it didn’t feel great and I am wondering if I did anything to the incision. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow at my checkup.

    Hopefully I’ll continue moving forward with my recovery. The surgeon departed before I woke up (I was his only surgery that day) so I’m interested to hear firsthand what he found in there and how the repair went.

    Good luck to you and I hope you continue to get well and heal up strong!


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