Surgery for rerupture +12 days

Quick update: Surgery to fix my rerupture was Monday, June 11th. I had originally attempted the UWO non-op protocol but I didn’t start rehab until about a month after the injury because it took 3 weeks to get it diagnosed. At week 10 it reruptured (I was in 2 shoes and walking [...]

Surgery today

Hi everybody,
Thanks to all for the kind words of support over the past couple of days. Surgery today was a success. Well, I guess I should define success as there was nothing out of the ordinary, no complications during the procedure, and the surgeon didn’t see anything that wasn’t already anticipated. No [...]

Surgery for my rerupture

It’s been pretty eventful since my rerupture episode on May 30th. I had a referral to see a foot & ankle specialist this week on Wednesday and surgery is scheduled for Monday morning. As anxious as I was and have been about having surgery, I think I reached the conclusion that it’s my [...]

Confirmation of re-rupture

I saw the orthopedics today (a different PA as my usual one was not there) and they confirmed that I did fully re-rupture my Achilles on Wednesday. So I guess it’s back to square 1 with the non-op rehab protocol although I’m not 100% convinced that will work. My other PA basically said [...]