4 week checkup results…making progress

Okay, I think I I’m having some technical blog issues (read: operator error) in posting info. I was trying to re-read my post and all I can see is the title! So I’ll try and rehash what I thought I already posted.

My 4-week check was on Wednesday. I’m following the “New & Improved” non-op protocol even though I would have been DQ’d from the study that led to the protocol because 3 weeks elapsed between injury & diagnosis. So I’m documenting my progress so others in the same boat will have some additional evidence to guide their decision vis-a-vis surgery or not.

The docs said the tendon has grown back together and there is a good deal of scarring evident–they were pleased by that. Apparently the wound is one big happy jumble of Achilles tendon fibers & scar tissue. It’s what they expected would happen. Obviously the hope is that this mess of fibers & scar tissue bonds into something strong enough to allow me to resume an active lifestyle…and if it re-ruptures then it re-ruptures. Can’t do much about it other than rehab the best I can right now to prevent that from happening in the future.

The 4-week milestone of the protocol calls for transition from partial weight bearing to WBAT. I have dropped the crutches and it feels absolutely liberating to be able to pick up my kids & get around the house carrying things in my hands besides those darn crutches! Good times indeed.

The transition to WBAT was strange at first and probably more mentally challenging than physical. I had to trust my Docs when they said the tendon could handle it. I’m still in the boot with the 2 cm heel lift. In 2 weeks I can drop down to 1 cm lift, and another week after that go down to zero lifts if I feel like I can handle it.

I’m still wearing the boot at night for sleeping because the protocol calls for it and at this point I’m just not willing to call an audible and go off script. I’m paranoid of something fluky happening and setting me back to square one.

I asked my doc about cold laser therapy and possibly introducing PRP now that the tendon is back together. Initially she said PRP was more appropriate for partial tears than full ruptures…so I’m wondering if I’m essentially at the “partial tear” stage and would benefit from PRP??????????????
As for the cold laser therapy I guess I’ll have to ask my PT when I get in to see them and see if that’ll be part of my therapy.

Thanks for the comments (on blank blog entries!!!!) and my apologies for being a knucklehead.


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  1. Had my cast removed on Monday. I second everything you said. The very first thing I did was jump in the bath tub and soak. It was awesome! In regards to sleeping without the boot. I did it on the first night, although my wife offered to sleep in the other room due to my nervousness of her hitting my foot etc. Second night I had quite a bit more confidence and she slept in the same bed:).

    The doctor told me that I couldn’t do any harm to my leg unless someone were to jump on it, or I were to walk on it without the boot.

    Good luck to ya. One thing I found, my leg is a lot more comfortable inside the boot with a soccer sock on. It also keeps the swelling down some.

  2. Hi Leftybuck, I’m glad to hear your recovery is on track as well! Thanks for the soccer sock advise…it’ll give me something to use them for since I won’t be playing soccer anytime soon!!

    I’m not going to mess around with taking the boot off for sleeping. I’ve managed to get used to it since I’ve had either a splint or boot on for over 5 weeks. The protocol calls for keeping it on and even if it’s just for protection…I’d feel awful if something crazy happened (like our dog jumping up to chase the cats at 3 AM) and set me back to square one.

    Dropping the crutches has been a marvelous feeling. Never thought I’d feel so good about walking the 100 feet to the mailbox.

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  3. Good news!

    I second leftbuck’s recommendation about the soccer sock. I have a compression one for bikers — fairly similar, and I think it helps with the swelling and even with promoting some circulation.

    All the best w/ it.

  4. I had a feeling you were doing the right thing…So happy for you…I too would just keep following that protocol & leave that boot on at night for now! :)

    I would suggest ultrasound therapy in conjunction with compression stockings…Should help with circulation and I think is of great benifit to the healing tendon. Cheers looking forward to more of your posts!

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