Non-op rehab question about scar tissue

Howdy folks,
Today’s post is a question about scar tissue. I am almost 6 weeks along in my rehab (non-op protocol) and am fully weight bearing in a walking boot with the 2 cm heel lift. My 4-week checkup was good and the Docs said it was going well. They could tell the [...]

4 week checkup results…making progress

Okay, I think I I’m having some technical blog issues (read: operator error) in posting info. I was trying to re-read my post and all I can see is the title! So I’ll try and rehash what I thought I already posted.
My 4-week check was on Wednesday. I’m following the “New & [...]

Happy Easter…my first post

I finally decided to get off my butt (figuratively of course) and write some stuff down.  I’m a new member of the ATR club and I primarily wanted to share my recovery experience because I was late getting diagnosed and didn’t actually start my rehab/recovery protocol until 3 full weeks after the injury.  So I’m [...]