Progressing nicely around 15 weeks

I guess it is good that i dont precisely know my weeks post op which means This is not foremost in my mind. I did visit doc a couple weeks ago with the ok to proceed to do anything i am able. The question was posed by PT when could we do plyometrics? But [...]

PT update

Felt like I have finally had my first “real” PT sessions as there had been communication with Doc. Spent about 8 minutes using an ‘iso-stepper’ which is really a recumbent elliptical, on little to ‘no’ resistance. However, very hard to get started and there was a bit of pain in inside ankly muscle, which is [...]

Nearly 8 Weeks Post-Op

Second time to type this as it seems to have been lost (aaaarrrgghh!). I have been having issues with being able to update my blog lately…  It will be 8 weeks on Dec 7th and I have been off crutches and out of boot since November 15th appt (not with doc permission [...]

4 Weeks Post-Op

Here is where I am. I would truly like thoughtful feedback (no mindless reprimands please).  Brief history is this is my first rupture of my RIGHT AT but I did my left one 16 months ago and had a very good recovery. I am feeling like this one is going even better. The (same) ortho [...]

2 weeks in for 2nd AT rupture

Got my cast off at the 13 day post-surgery and stitches out. Attendant said “I have never had anyone so still and quiet while I took stitches out - and there were a lot of them!” I think they had loosened up a good bit and I had made conscious decision to wait [...]

The other side

OK - here I am 15 months after my left AT rupture, great rehab fully funcitional on left leg as of 5 months post surgery though stiffness still occurred a few months after that. Very active at everything, running, swimming, tennis, elliptical, weights, pilates (which includes lots of tendon strenght and stretching). So on [...]

On Vacation making progress

It has been 3 or 4 weeks since my first post. In that time I have a few things to report. Had my 3rd post-op (at 5.5 weeks since going away on vacation the next day)- doc told me I needed to stay on crutches until 6 weeks. I gave him the look and he [...]

First entry, 34 days post surgery

I have appreciated everyone else’s information so hopefully mine will help some others in the future. I fully ruptured my left AT on June 13 playing in a soccer tournament. It was the second game I had played of the day having had no issues prior. I stepped back and planted my left foot to [...]

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