Progressing nicely around 15 weeks

I guess it is good that i dont precisely know my weeks post op which means This is not foremost in my mind. I did visit doc a couple weeks ago with the ok to proceed to do anything i am able. The question was posed by PT when could we do plyometrics? But I am not physically able yet. This past week able to do single heel raises in the pool. Doc said usually sees good breakthrugh around four months which will be a couple more weeks. I think i aat about same progression as my first tear on the other side which took me to 100% at five months. I am nearly without limp at this point but last week my good leg was giving me knee problems so who could tell? That is improved thanks to some love from the PT who put the pads and stimulation on the knee. Getting old sucks. PT measurements at 14 weeks showed dorsiflexion at 6% as opposed to 15% on good leg. Plantar flexion was equal and has been for a while. The side to side of the heel, while foot is flat on the floor, is where i feel inflexible as well. Dr also said this was the reason i still have pain in my inside ankle area and as that flexibility improves the pain will diminish, as it has already started to.

I did try spinning a couple times at a little over 3 months postop. As I suspected i could only stand for about 10 seconds at a time and the tendon did feel ‘very well used’ though not painful. the calf was very tight for a couple days after and it could have been over compensation that messed with the knee. So back to that in a couple weeks and continuing with the swimming, pilates, ellipticle, weights and stretching. And love the PT massages!

We went away to caribbean over xmas and it was wonderful, however walking in the sand proved fairly difficult. Heels sinking and unable to push off makes for inelegant exits from the water! A couple times it proved painful. I did slip off very low wedged sandals one night and that was extremely painful. Put them away after that.

Will go back to Doc at about 5 or 6 month mark just for a final visit. It is nice to be at the point where there is no real impairment of any sort. Cant run or jump yet but no big deal for my lifestyle.

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  1. I’m a couple of weeks ahead of you and just started some jumping physio and using a trampette. All very tentative but coming slowly. Off for my first VERY slow jog thismorning. As running was how I did this I thing it’ll be short and tantative. Keep up the good work.

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