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Felt like I have finally had my first “real” PT sessions as there had been communication with Doc. Spent about 8 minutes using an ‘iso-stepper’ which is really a recumbent elliptical, on little to ‘no’ resistance. However, very hard to get started and there was a bit of pain in inside ankly muscle, which is where I recall the most irritation the last time I went through it. Not sure why but consistent. Once the stepping was started it went fine, the flexing was tight and pushing off slow from bad leg but workable.  Then did some balance (1 foot in front of the other and then switching after 1 minute or so, closing eyes when balancing well which makes it harder). Did some ‘windshield wiper’ action and toe lifts while holding on (not much help from the injured side, but a start). Then some massage and sono-therapy. Wouldn’t say I was very sore after but it felt well-used.

Went to see the Dr for 8 week visit and he was very non-chalant about everything. Said my Physio Therapist was “freaking out” about what to do. Well, actually she was just trying to get something difinitive from him as I was pushing her and the envelope in her eyes. He basically said ‘You know your body, just be careful and don’t do anything stupid.”  He mentioned he likes people to wear the boot until 10 weeks, though sometimes has let people out at 8 (I had not  worn the boot in of course as I haven’t worn for 4 weeks).  He just smiled when I told him my boot ‘just wouldn’t stay on. Kept coming off!’  So we have an understanding that I am doing whatever I think is right for me.

The limp is still there, of course, but am seeing slow improvements.  Keep on Truckin’!

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  1. Sounds positive, but Watch Your Step!

  2. Hi Pamela,

    Your progress sounds great, but as Norm say take it easy.

    Have you tried driving yet?

    My physio called me today, after our first session yesterday, telling me that she had spoken to my Dcotor and that I should be in the boot at all times, which is not what she said yesterday. She said that she felt that the ankle etc etc was reasonable strong and that I only had to wear the boot if i went our for more than half an hour. Never mind another week wont kill me, but i am just like you I like to be moving forward………


  3. Hope it went well for you. My year is looking beettr than 2009, so far. Barely making rent and expenses, but looking up and ahead gives me hope.You’ll do fine.

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  4. Was toatlly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.

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