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almost 11 weeks since surgery, making progress

Posted by duke on 11th December 2011

Tomorrow will mark 11 weeks from the day of my ATR surgery.  I have made continued, slow progress over the last few weeks.  Walking in shoes is becoming more comfortable and the length of my stride has started to increase (although still not back to normal) and my pace has improved as well.   By taking shorter steps and walking slowly I can minimize any limping.

I have been working in therapy twice per week.  My range of motion has been coming along and my PT hasn’t been having me push this much as of yet.  The focus in these sessions has been on strengthening and it as at these times when I am keenly aware of all the work ahead.  Double leg exercise is difficult and he has had me trying to do a little bit of single leg work.  Last week he did introduce some controlled jumping.  The focus it takes to carefully hop just a few inches off the ground is remarkable to me.

Over the past few weeks I have been increasing my work at the gym between PT sessions.  I have been riding the stationary bike and also added the elliptical trainer.  I have used the leg press machine to get a sense of what strength I have on the right.  It is no wonder I have so much atrophy, 30 pounds makes me sweat when I do single leg toe raises.  My tendon feels a bit sore while working, but no ’sharp’ pain and it has still been weeks (months maybe) since I have taken anything for pain.  Edema continues to be an issue but over the past week or so I haven’t been having to work quite as hard at the end of the day.

I will also admit that I spent about a half or so on the driveway last week shooting baskets (no jump shots).  It just made me feel better somehow.  Best wishes for continued recovery to everyone on this site.  Reading the stories of others continues to give me comfort.  Until next time…

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