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Archive for October 25th, 2011

scar massage and sleeping without a boot

Posted by duke on 25th October 2011

I had a follow-up session with my PT yesterday.  Scar massage, passive stretching and then standing stretching and strengthening (minus the boot).  The massage was uncomfortable but no ’sharp’ pains and my tendon feels better today.  I felt like I had quite a workout by the end of the hour.

The physician assistant told me I could sleep without my boot at this point following the surgery.  I talked it over with my therapist yesterday.  He encouraged me to sleep without it when I felt ready.  He wants me to spend as much time out of the boot as I can and reminded me to not try and walk without the boot at any point right now.

I took the plunge to sleep without the boot last night.  One advantage of dealing with achilles tendonosis for years is that I am used to sleeping with my foot off the bottom of the bed.  I got in the habit of sleeping with my toe towards the ground with my ankle bent over the years.  This helped keep my tendon from getting ‘tight’ overnight from pointing my toe.  Tendonosis is now yesterday’s news but I have to say I slept well and was happy to be free of the boot for a bit.

I see my surgeon next Wednesday.  I am ready to get behind the wheel and my fingers are crossed that I will get the okay to drive.  Having to inconvenience other people to get me back and forth to work is getting old.

Until next time…

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