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3 1/2 weeks post-op, partial weight bearing

Posted by duke on October 20, 2011

This is my second week back to work and I have been using my rolling knee walker to get from place to place.  I’ve been getting used to it but I have found that I am tired by the end of each day.  I’ve been happy to be out of the house–and I’m sure my wife has been glad that I’ve been occupied as well.

I had my second PT appointment yesterday.  Partial weight bearing was the order of the day.  He warmed up my calf, did some scar massage and then I did some range of motion exercises with him.  Up to the parallel bars and I put my booted foot on the ground with weight for the first time in nearly 4 weeks.  Very nerve wracking, but I had absolutely no discomfort in my tendon repair.  Next up was walking with the assistance of my crutches.  I’m not entirely convinced I was putting much weight down on that side, but its a start.

I am still sleeping with my boot because I am just too nervous to go without it yet.  Hope to be getting more brave over the next few weeks.  Until then, I am just going to be happy that my foot is (sort of) on the ground again and keep working on my therapy exercises…

One Response to “3 1/2 weeks post-op, partial weight bearing”

  1. evita Says:

    Thanks for sharing. I ruptured mine on May 29th/11 and had surgery performed on July 21st. It was just after Sept 5th that I started walking in my walking boot/cast. I wore the boot faithfully to bed with me up until about 2 weeks ago when my surgeon cleared me and told me that I can remove it and start walking. Just like that……”take it off, and off you go”. Bizarre or what? I truly believe that as a result of leaving the boot on for the most part of it all (sleeping with it) helped strengthen my calf and ankle. I was very nervous taking those first steps when I left my appointment, it felt like walking on air a bit, but was okay. I started physio before he cleared me as my first consult with my therapist could start on giving me some good stretching exercises. She’d take my foot out of the boot and would start to gently massage around my incision. What a long process it has been, I wish you all the best with yours! Cheers from Regina, SK Canada.

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