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Archive for October 10th, 2011

first PT visit

Posted by duke on 10th October 2011

I had my first therapy visit.  I really like my PT.  He spent about an hour with me.  He gave me a pep talk about recovery from this injury.  He was pleased with the look of my incision and the status of my tendon.  He told me he has had good experience rehabbing fellow patients of my surgeon.

Funny enough he described my PT protocol as ‘very, very, very conservative.’  He explained that since I was in a boot early his job was to keep me from jeopardizing my repair over the next 4 weeks or so.  The initial goals are to work on range of motion in my ankle without stressing the tendon.  In contrast, he says patients he sees who have 6 weeks in a cast have stiffer ankles when he sees them but he can work more aggressively from the start.

One of his patients recently re-ruptured his tendon 4 or 5 weeks post-op after putting his full weight on his foot (without his boot) , a slip in the kitchen that undid a month of work.  My biggest fear is re-rupture in the next few weeks.  Frankly, this scared me and reminded me how vulnerable my repair is right now.

He gave me some inversion/eversion exercises and level 1 theraband exercises to do (no raising my toe with any resistance).  He massaged my atrophied calf (which is full of knots), I got some stim and compression/cryotherapy.  I am eligible for 20% weight bearing.  He told me this is really for balance and doesn’t have much to do with my recovery.  I am planning to skip it until I can put more weight on my foot (50% next week).

I am going to work on my own over the next week and see him in follow-up when he can introduce some new things for me.  I am nervous but feeling more optimistic about my recovery…

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