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“Dad you’re too old to be playing basketball”

Posted by duke on September 22, 2011

I am 35 years old, fairly active, with (what was) Achilles tendonosis on the right.  The issue was chronic dating back to marathon training a few years ago.  I had actually seen an orthopedic surgeon about the pain in my Achilles 1 ½ years ago and he offered me a surgery for pain management.  The key question I asked at the time was whether or not it would alter my risk for rupture, he said no.  I opted against surgery and gradually increased my exercise.

Pain free for over a year and back to playing basketball, running, and lifting weights with careful warm-up each time.  That changed while playing pick-up basketball on a Thursday.  The injury came during the second game of the evening.  I made a quick cut to get open and you all know the story from there.

I felt/heard a pop and felt a searing pain in my Achilles as I crumpled to the floor.  One of the guys I was playing with said my words were “this one isn’t good.”  I limped off the court with no power at all.  Fortunately one of the players happened to be an orthopedic surgeon.  He confirmed what I suspected, Achilles tendon rupture.

With my right leg involved I didn’t feel safe to drive and thankfully a couple of the guys playing drove me home.  Having tendonosis I had prepared myself that rupture might happen at some point. The reality was difficult to face.  The lengthy rehab and the questions about whether or not I would return to my prior activities.  I told (and am telling myself) that it is better to happen now rather than 20 years from now and that my fitness level is as good as it has been in four or five years.

My wife and I explained the injury to my daughter and 6 year old son.  His response, “Dad, you’re too old to be playing basketball.”

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