Now the fun begins - Rehab
January 30, 2011, 10:43 am
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Hi everyone. It’s been 8 weeks, and so much has happened since that infamous POP.

My Achilles Rupture was a high rupture, meaning the doctor actually recommended non-surgery and to cast. Seeing I live in Argentina, they wanted me in the cast for 8 weeks. After having read all the information hear I knew non-surgery was the correct choice but 8 weeks was¬†definitely¬†too long in a cast. So the fun began at week 5…

I had a friend bring me back the Vaco Cast for my achilles from the States. WOW. What a #%#@! awesome piece of equipment. Brooke at VacoCAST (Oped) was great and shipped it within 1 day to get it to my friend before she left to come back to Argentina.

I waited to the 5th week to get my cast off because I wanted to go straight into the VacoCAST. Unfortunately it took me seeing 3 doctors until one finally agreed to cut it off (the other two were like “that’s not how we do it in Argentina”). So into the boot I went, set at 20 degrees, and my calf half the size of its twin. Sigh…

So here’s a timeline now…

Week 0 - 5 In cast (Non surgical option)

Week 5 - In VacoCAST set at 20 degree - work on range of motion of foot and get acupuncture treatment daily

Week 6 - VacoCAST now set to 17.5 degree and continuing the above treatments with massage as well. Lots of swelling at the end of the day

Week 7 - VacoCAST set to 15 degrees. Swimming with a pool buoy between the legs. AWESOME to get some exercise in finally. On one crutch and Partial weight bearing (PWB). Continuing acupuncture and massage.

Week 8 - VacoCAST at 0 degree (so my foot is now at 90 yay!). Swimming without pool buoy. Getting acupuncture and massage. Limping in the pool. Range of motion has readily improved.

So here I am… some thoughts on the whole ordeal.

  1. The VacoCAST is worth every penny. Not only can you take it on and off (and have a normal shower!) the slow progression to 90 is a god send and it seems like the right thing to do.
  2. Showers with a chair suck.
  3. Acupuncture triggers the muscles to start working again. Highly recommend. I was going to Frances Ren - a great acupuncturist here in Buenos Aires (
  4. My wife rocks.
  5. I should probably have started PWB earlier (like week 5)
  6. My foot feels like it’s on pins and needles when I place it down and my heel is quite sore after a day of limping around
  7. This site is great for your mental health