late repair issues

  I had a full thickness tear which was repaired in early July.  The issue was that it tore out of the calf muscle. The Dr. was unsure at first whether it would be operable since she had nothing to sew the tendon to.  After two other consults,  she did use a tendon from my ankle to make the repair and sewed the tendon to fascia at the bottom of the muscle.  The other issue is that it was misdiagnosed twice and  wasn’t repaired for a month after the initial injury- and yes I managed somehow to walk around for a month on it- not fun!!   I have since started some weightbearing.  I have alot of pain in the foot/ankle though when walking- is this normal? Could it be because of the lifts?  Just wondering if anyone else has had this type of injury- I have 3 small children at home so walking can’t come soon enough!! Thanks for any input!


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  1. Hello duff123

    Yours sounds a pretty awful injury, although quite a few of us have had delayed treatment, I walked about for 3 weeks before second doctor said I should be operated on immediately as I had done a lot more damage by walking (or sort of shuffling) about.

    I am sure like the rest of us your injury will heal. I had terrible ankle and heel pain but not sure now whether I have just got used to it or it has subsided, if I walk any distance then the heel is still painful.

    With young children it must be difficult for you but just rest and elevate as much and as often as you can, you will be OK I am sure of that.


  2. Your injury sounds more complicated, and again, you have to be patient to get to a point of no pain, as I am sure the doctor told you.

    Young children? Oh boy! Can they be trained? Steppinfetchits for hire?

    I hope you have friends/family/neighbors able to help you. But it may also be interesting to see how the children change towards you, perhaps even obey more readily, and become more sensitive about their parents’ problems, even at very young ages. My own experiences with young children (niece now 4) is that she found everything to do with injuries, operations, boo-boos, limping and crutches to be very exciting.

    She even wanted to play “sick” all the time, until I got sick of doing the operation over and over!

    And so it goes… have you read yet THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP?


  3. Hey there. I know your kids will help you. Mine have been great (aged 7 and 4 when ruptured). My daughter would even help w/bathroom duty help for my 4 yr old….that’s love! :) My kids knew I couldn’t catch them and give them a quick spank or squeeze their hands. Your crutches are great for arm extenders should the need arise. One day my kids were fighting repeatedly in the bathtub…so, I had to hobble in and intervene. Well, don’t you know they went to the far side of the garden tub so I couldn’t reach them…well, my crutch just happened to reach them and bonk them on the head with the end of the crutch. Really though, it wll be good for your kids to become more responsible…even if they are really young, they can do some things for themselves that they wouldn’t have had to do. Hang in there! Keep us posted on how your leg is feeling. :)

  4. Wow, you had a pretty complicated tear but I am sure most of your pain will go away as time goes on. With 3 small children running about I know it must be a tall task to get through the day, but depending on thier ages they may also be of a great use to you as well.

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