late repair issues

  I had a full thickness tear which was repaired in early July.  The issue was that it tore out of the calf muscle. The Dr. was unsure at first whether it would be operable since she had nothing to sew the tendon to.  After two other consults,  she did use a tendon from my ankle to make the repair and sewed the tendon to fascia at the bottom of the muscle.  The other issue is that it was misdiagnosed twice and  wasn’t repaired for a month after the initial injury- and yes I managed somehow to walk around for a month on it- not fun!!   I have since started some weightbearing.  I have alot of pain in the foot/ankle though when walking- is this normal? Could it be because of the lifts?  Just wondering if anyone else has had this type of injury- I have 3 small children at home so walking can’t come soon enough!! Thanks for any input!