How time flies.

2 months ago to the minute I was 12 hours out of theatre, struggling to get comfortable in our spare bed downstairs, having taken about 3 hours to eat my dinner due to nausea from the pain meds. Despite being spaced out, sleeping in the boot was very uncomfortable and I woke seemingly every time I tried to move with the sutures in the skin stinging.The worst part was staring down the barrel of months of confinement and incapacity to do most of the things I love…

But after all that negative expectation, it wasn’t so bad! Life has gone on; it has meant a bit of work on rehab instead of play time, and my wife has been a great support despite being incredibly busy with work. I’ve turned into that pathetic creature known as the blogger, and I’m nowhere near as fit as I would like to be, but I’m still (relatively) sane!

This weekend it’s time for a short break away from the cold way up in sunny Darwin, the opportunity for lots of photography and hiking, lounging in the pool, catching up with some old friends, and finding some croc-free waterholes to cool off in.

Looking down that tunnel 2 months ago this must have been the light at the end I was looking for, I just wasn’t expectingto get there so soon.

OK, Ok, I’m not out of the woods yet - I’m still not sure my abscess is cleared, and I’m still some way off from walking normally let alone running, climbing  or playing squash again but that will all come in time, time which no longer seems like an enemy.


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  1. trisportgirl on September 8, 2009 7:12 am

    Ah, dsut, you summed that up nicely…”that will all come in time, time which no longer seems like an enemy.”

    I can remember like it was yesterday wheeling around in a chair around my flat with my bandaged leg and sitting to shower. Today, I walk in shoes everyday, cognizant that I am not back to normal, but thankful that I’ve come this far, seemingly so fast.

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