Back at work !

October 20th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Well first day back today!, always good to be driven in on a grey and wet Monday morning. Feel quite anxious about this, chiefly the thought of all the pile up of work since i’ve been off and also anxiety about managing to be patient with people and cope with examinations and mobility etc. All normal i guess. Still get some significant ache and occaisonal swelling when i’ve done too much. Quite glad really to be out of the house for a day at last, was about to develop cabin fever. Really busy week looming and all the transport problems with taxis etc. Partners at workfairly sympathetic but an undercurrent of resentment perhaps, they’ve been working a lot extra, and have clearly been stretched without me. Anyway have my Orthop appointment on Friday and hopefully cast off and walking boot on, that will help!. Must eat better as getting fatter with little exercise of course. Anyway regards to all fellow sufferers, always nice to see those reports of good progress, and to those who aren’t yet, hang in there.


Day 2

October 12th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 5 comments

Good morning all!

I was much relieved to have had a decent nights sleep last night and pain is much lessened now. Still really awkward adjusting to daily activities, trying to travel with a cup of coffee on one leg, large flight of stairs in the am, answering the door etc etc. Now more dwelling on the consequences of the injury and worries re recovery and whether I’ll be able to run, climb and play sports. Generally had a positive experience of treatment so far. Perhaps it helps to be in the medical profession but in some ways difficult being on the “other side”. Theatre staff were hilarious saying “you’re all ours now!!” with a smirk. Should have really asked for a video of procedure but perhaps not for the nervous, although I notice that there are some links to U tube etc on here. Quite bizarre feeling from a spinal, really get an insight into losing lower limb function and all the feelings of helplessness and vunerability. At the moment just wondering about how to handle a return to work and when to try. Feel really guilty about being away and having partners and staff working to cover me. Must say everyone has been really understanding. So grateful that I don’t have any other health probs to deal with as well. I’ve trying to work out some exercises to stay fit, perhaps press ups?, stretching  etc.Must say it’s really helpful reading some of the other posts and advice, all seem really sensible. It does seem that eveyones problems and recovery times and issues are different, much as you would expect. Certainly here we use “expert patients” to help others understand their health probs and educate and support and this site is a perfect illustration of that. Anyhow the sun is shining here and the leaves are glorious on the trees today, the papers have arrived, but just how to carry them is a teaser !!.Thanks again for the messages, hope you all have a good day and make a step closer to full fitness. Regards to all.



Day 1 OUCH

October 11th, 2008 | Uncategorized | 1 comment

Hi all, Thanks so much for the comments. Day 1 post op repair under spinal last night. Extremely rough night with some srious pain so a bit groggy and battered today. Well looked after by the Hospital here in Sheffield. Trying to rest with leg up today and in NWB below knee fibre glass pot.Plan is check in 2 weeks then into an air cast boot with heel wedges over next 4 weeks. I has a complete ruture 5 cms from heel insertion , also a partial soleus rupture and some medial ligament damage. All in all a thorough mess. Really heartening to have supportive comments. Very best wishes to you all and hope you have a comfortable day. Regards Mark

first post

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Well never written anything on a blog before but fairly bored having had an acute rupture L side on the 4th October in Leiden Holand playing rugby against their University side with a Vets team. In for tendon repair tomorrow morning here in Sheffield UK. I’m a 46 yr old family doctor and generally fit and active.Played in a fast paced game for 60 minutes and well warmed up and at good speed sprint wise. Classical story getting up after tackle and sudden “kick” sensation and pain, swelling, bleeding etc etc. rather suspicious collection of stud marks around rupture site but difficult to tell. Normal problems with mobility etc. In aircast boot at present with heel wedges.Expect to have large cumbersome cast tomorrow and NWB of course. Anyway good luck to you having treatment, quite amused ? to see a site dedicated to this injury, seems really useful and informative. If i don’t get a DVT, MRSA or other complictions I’ll post next week !!!. Regards to all. 

Hello world!

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