Hi Team,

I left sunny San Diego to go to Melbourne, Australia on 12.7.  While I was gone, SD got the most rain they have had in a long time.  I get to Melbourne and it has been raining ever since (it is summer and they are in a drought so they need the rain).

I am down here for work. I met one of my new employees and surprise, he had an ATR 10 weeks ago.  He walked in the first day with 1 crutch and has been walking around without crutches ever since.  He is at 10 weeks where I am at in 25.  He has a lot less pain, his scar looks better, it is not as long and he blows of PT every week.  Some of the lucky ones heal faster.
I am still riding the recumbant 60 minutes a day and then doing my leg exercises.  I finally have gotten to 5 single calf leg raises though I have to have help (using my arms).  I go back to the doctor on Jan 6 for my 6 month checkup.  My therapist said not to be surprised if I am still not allowed to run as my leg is not as strong as it needs to be.  I work my butt off and questioned if we are doing the right stuff.  She commented that some people heal fast, some slow.  She said I am still on pace to be healed up in 1 year, so I guess I should not complain.

I am so glad I can travel again. It was tough to do my job without the travel. I have a global staff and you can only do so much with webex and teleconferences.  Sometimes you just need to be there face to face.

I wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Wonderful New Year, etc. etc.

Those of you in the rain and snow–BE CAREFUL.  Those of us in the sunshine–enjoy.

Heal well.

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Hi fellow ATR”rs

It has been 20 weeks and I have been traveling like a migratory bird.  Two weeks ago me and two other VPs literarly circumnavigated the globe in 8.5 days for a series of meetings with employees regarding the economic crises.  We figured we spent 47 hours in the air and 30 hours in airports and taxis.  The change in air pressure wrecked havoc on my tendon.  I would ice on the plane and every time I got to the hotel but it really was swollen and sore.  I had PT the day I got back and it was only 1 cm smaller then my first trip to the PT.  Took us a week to get it back to pre-trip levels.  (I am still about 1.5 cm swollen on the ATR leg vs. the other).

My physician is a “let’s not push it and get you back to game ready ” so I will not start running until mid-january.  He and my PT have me on a lot of calf raises, squats (no weight), heel raises, and stretches, both in a pool and out of the pool.  We spend about an hour a week just walking without a limp in the pool.

I can walk, very slowly, without a limp, in the morning. By noon I am noticiably limping and by day’s end, huge limp and a lot of pain.  I am thankful that I am finally out of pain all day.  Next is a whole day pain free.  I guess that will come soon enough.

Great site for motivation and support.  Someone posted a hot/cold pack by AcuLife called 360 Therapy Brace.  I called my PT and she recommends it for ease of use.   She also noted that my ice pack is better because I can get it colder (she has me add lots of ice, a little water, and some rock salt to lower the freezing point).

I went to Florida (from California) last week.  Back to California for 2 days, then Dallas, Houston, New Orleans and now I am visiting family in Shreveport LA before heading to California for 3 days.  Then Singapore, Japan, and Australia before coming home for Thanksgiving.  My wife is happy about all the frequent flier miles.  She wants to use them at Christmas.
Heal well.  Don’t push to hard.  Keep motiviated and don’t get too down (especially you guys and gals that are in the early weeks).

Take Care

Dr. Leo

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Yippee!!  I am finally in two shoes (about 6 hours a day).  I keep it to a controlled environment (work or home) where the floor is flat and there are not a lot of people around.

I still get really nervous at airports, mall, football games and where the boot but the PT said that is o.k. for now.

Hurts on the heel, tight on the tendon but nothing Advil can’t take care of

Take care


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Hi Team,

First big trip. Left California on Tuesday for a meeting in Las Vegas.  Tried walking around with crutches (I was PWB at the time) and got way too tired and sore so I broke down and rented a scooter (my room to the meeting room was over 1/2 mile).  Then left Thursday morning for Toronto.  4 hour flight, not bad but swelling even with a compreshion sock.  Sat next to Tennessee Webb, an actor who plays Mark Twain in the 21st century (http://www.tennesseewebb.com).  Fascinating.  Check out his website.  Then Saturday, the big one–14 hours from Toronto to Shanghai.  Brought a yoga mat to help get some elevation. Spent most of the time on my back with the foot up.  Did some of my PT exercises every couple of hours.  COuld not sleep.  Landed in China and my foot looked like a ballon.  Got to the hotel and I had them fill the bath tub with a lot of ice.  Spent 4 hours in ice and ice water but got the swelling down.  It is fine now but we leave for Japan (4-5 hour flight) tomorrow.  Then another big one (12 hours) back to California on Friday.

The Chinese are very gracious when they see me–holding the door open, bringing me water and coffee at the meetings so I don’t have to get  up, etc.

On the recovery front, going great.  I went to FWB while in Toronto and can walk around my room without the boot.  I have not gone out in public without the boot and crutches–too many people.  I have a doctor’s appointment 9/22 (seems like a long way off).  I am probably going to walk into the office with just the boot.  I do fine in the morning walking around in the room sans boot and in the meeting rooms with the boot but by the afternoon my heel hurts, my AT is tight as a drum and my foot is swollen again.  I know that is normal from reading all the blogs so I just keep truckin.

Take care, recover well, take the time to not push yourself. Let’s not have any re-ruptures.


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Hi Fellow Bloggers

First, how do you add pictures?  I added the addin but am struggling with getting something uploaded.  I will read the instructions again. Also, how do you get the calendar on the sidebar?

Dennis–Great job.  We all appreciate your efforts on this site.

I had my 3rd post op on Monday.  Doc said things looking good and to start PT as well as swimming with a pull buoy.

The PT was, as those of you who have gone, was measurement, discussion of treatment, examples and, the best, they put a boot on that circulated cold water and massaged at the same time.  I hope I get that every time. Feels soo good.  I am doing the exercises but my leg feels kind of weird on the AT.  Not sore, not tired  but tight and a little tingly.  I will check with the PT therapist on Tuesday.  I love the toe curl–I can’t do much, it is funny that i can barely grab a part of the towel.

The doc has me swimming 3-5 times per week with a pull buoy (you stick it between your legs and it helps float your lower body).  By the time I “crutch” across the parking lot, make my way to the end of they gym to the locker room, change, “crutch” out to the pool, I have a good sweat going already.  Also, he was adamant about not touching the walls so every 24 meters is a dead stop, turn around, and 24 more meters.  I got 1,000 meters the first day, then upper body.  The next day I could only go 600 meters.  I will add more every day.  I had been training for a half marathon and was in great cardio. I suck wind now.

I am cleared to travel on Aug 25.  I have cut the trip short since it is the first one but still kind of long.

Leave Aug 26 for 1 1/2 days in Las Vegas (meeting and of course, a little fun) then to Toronto until Saturday morning. Then a 15 hour flight (thank goodness I am in first class) to Shanghai, China.  (The doc had me get compression socks).  From there to Singapore then Tokyo.  Be back Friday night Sept 5 (we seem to miss the American Labor day holiday every year).  I pulled out of Australia, New Zealand, Korea and India (Bangalore and Mumbai).  I will let everyone know how it goes and post a few pictures.

If the trip is O.K. I am off to Europe and then I need to make up the Australia part of the trip up (I travel a lot for my job).

Take care, keep a good attitude and wiggle those toes.

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Hi Fellow Bloggers,

I am in WK 6, NWB, and have been struggling all week.  I have burning pain on the outside of my ankle and the top of my foot.  When I say outside it is the side NOT facing the other leg.  The burning is inside my leg, like my blood is gasoline on fire.  It is worse at night.   During the day(I have my foot up most of the day on a chair), it still hurts but, because I am busy I guess I don’t notice it as much.After 2 nights of 30 minute cat naps I gave up and took a percocet.  Knocked me out and then the pain woke me up anyway.  So I was groggy and in pain.  It felt better yesterday (during the day) but last night was horrible.  When I took a shower this morning I noticed a lump on the outside of the ankle that is tender and appears to be the source of pain.  I am guessing the boot is pressing on the outside of my ankle at night ((left leg and I sleep on my left side).

I called the  ortho tech about taking the boot off for a while and she said no more than 30 minutes at a time (mine actually tore in two places).  She also said if it really hurts bad come on in and let the doc look at it.

Unless I am crying in pain I don’t think “it really hurts bad”.  I don’t want to be a wimp but your thoughts comments and experiences will help.



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Hi, I have an appointment on Aug 11.  At the 3 week mark I had the sutures removed and told the doc I tentatively had a trip planned Aug 30 for India, China and Japan, then home and then to Germany.  He said I would still be NWB (starting  PWB) and on crutches  but if I felt good I could probably go, he will let me know on Aug 11.

My question is he mentioned some “socks” that help with circulation.  ANyone know what they are and/or where you get them?  I thought he said constriction but that wasn’t right.  I don’t know what I was thinking because I did not ask any questions.  But I am sure someone on this blog will know.

Also, anyone have travel experience, on a plane for a long time, WKs 6  thru 8?  Anything I should be aware of?  I eat really healthy and normally exercise everyday (I am doing only upper body now) but any advice is appreciated.

Thanks for all the advice.  I enjoy reading the blogs, I don’t feel so bad when I read how others are coping (and struggling– you are not alone).

Take care

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Hi Fellow Bloggers,

Not a good day.  I woke up with throbbing and just feeling weak (like I have not been eating enough). I have been rigorous in my diet but probably need more protein( time to hit the Detour bars).  Took a shower and now it feels like I need a nap.
Question, I am 4 weeks post op tomorrow.  I can finally see my ankle but my foot and part of my Achilles is still swollen.  I have my foot level with my hip (on a chair at work) for at least 6 hours per day and then elevated above  my head for 3-4 hours per night.  I would have thought all the swelling would be gone by now.  I go back to the Doctor in 2 weeks.

Also, I have feeling in the bottom of my foot and my toes but the outside ankle is dead numb.  Is that normal?  Sorry for these questions but i have been looking through the blogs and don’t see an answer (but plenty of other useful info).

Thanks and good recovery to everyone who blogs.  It is a great help


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Hi Everyone,

Well, I am glad I found this site.  I am really bummed.  Last Friday was Wk3 from surgery.  I am stuck in California, my family is in Louisiana, for my job I am missing trips to Phuket Thailand, Bangalore India, and Nice Italy.   Oh, well.  I like the marathon idea to keep track.  I will have to force myself to be slow.  Not my nature but I will draw inspiration from all of you.



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