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6 week Dr. visit

Went for the 6 week visit today. The doctor looked at everything, felt around a bit and said: “…just what I wanted to see.” Looks as though my only known issue at this point is a small “superficial” part of the incision that hasn’t fully healed. The doctor initially said he wanted to wait on my PT until he saw me back in 2 weeks to check on the wound. After a little protest he agreed to let me start the PT and do some “gentle stretching”. First appt that I can make is a week from today then back to the doctor on November 19th. I’m hopeful that on that day I get cleared for 2 shoes - just a short (not) 8 weeks or so from surgery.

Generally all feels good - no pain and walking in Vacoboot at 0% - or basically perpendicular to the rest of my body and no “toes pointed down” for around 3 weeks now.

My experience has been that transitions are a little scary - going to pwb, going to fwb, sleeping without my Vacocast for examples - but once you get the courage to do it, the confidence follows quickly behind.

5 comments November 3rd, 2010

FWB - at least I think

Had a very positive last couple of days. Admitedly, after the first 2 days of PWB, everything hurt…except my achilles. The bottom of my foot was sore, my calf was killing me, my toes hurt and it was pretty depressing. It didn’t seem like walking in 2 shoes in 3 weeks was a remote possibility.

I’ll tell you though, for those who are getting close to PWB… Before you get depressed, give it a little time as things quickly improve. The last two days, I guess as I reintroduced my leg to the rest of my body, things improved rapidly. I know there are many ups and downs to come along with a lot of work, but it was very encouraging to see that the body responds and things start
to work and move again. The last 2 days have been much better, not much pain and I have been able to walk some with no crutches. Have been using at various times and depending on what I am doing, 2 crutches, 1 crutch and walking without. I suppose that qualifies me to update my status to FWB. Keep the faith!

3 comments October 19th, 2010

PWB today - stage 2 of 4 (or so)

At 3 weeks, 2 days (today) post surgery I transitioned to PWB in the Vacocast. I was cleared to go to FWB today, but that seems like a pretty big step so I plan to go for a few days of partial and will work up to full. So far, so good with the new stage and all seems well. Feels a little spooky to use a leg that hasn’t had any weight on it for the last 30+ days but no real pain (slight bruise type feel, or heat sensation in the heal) but nothing significant. Not sure how much weight I am putting on it but probably a good portion of my 220. The Vacocast seems good - have the rounded heel on it to compensate for the bend in the ankle and trying to walk like the video on their site.

2 comments October 13th, 2010

2 weeks, 2 days and 1st Doc appt

Had my first follow-up visit today which is 2 weeks and 2 days past surgery. Here are the details:

Cut off splint

Removed stitches and put 3 strips on. No problems with the healing and all looked fine. Foot still looks pretty ugly though.

Put me in my Vacoboot at 30*

No weigh bearing for 1st week

One week from today I can go to full weight bearing and 20*

Two weeks go to 10*

Three weeks go to 0*

2nd appointment at 4 weeks

I can sleep without the boot but not sure if I want to take it off for a little while given he wanted me to keep it at 30* and no weight bearing. I guess I should have asked a few more questions.

Also not certain which sole to use with the Vacoboot when I start walking. The big rounded one or the flat one. Does anyone who has used the boot have any advice as to what they did?

Glad to be moving to the next stage - even though a month in this boot with no driving and other assorted inconveniences.

Seems to be progressing well. Doc said the injury was pretty bad with lots of frayed parts of the tendon.

4 comments October 6th, 2010

One week!

Seems like something to get excited about. Weekend was better and every day the leg is feeling a little better with less aches and pains. Also, nothing like a bath/shower to make you feel better and had my first 2 this weekend. Going to venture into work for a few hours today so we’ll see how everything feels. Now 1/3 of the way to a boot!

3 comments September 27th, 2010

Day 4 post surgery

To quote: this killing time is killing me. I need to quickly figure out some sort of change of (no) pace. I’m planning to go back to work for a few hours a day next week so that should help. I don’t know what others have experienced but laying around and keeping the foot elevated 95% of the time for 4 days has quickly gotten very old. I don’t have any good advice - reading, tv, napping, email, web surfing is essentially all I have been willing to do. Also, thinking a bath could help.

The splint is already irritating - hot, tight, bothersome. Other than that and the toll just doing nothing is taking on the body, physically feeling ok.

4 comments September 24th, 2010

Day 3 - feeling better

But already bored. Finished With Wings Like Eagles - good read. Thinking about moving from the bed to a couch - very ambitious. Ordered the Vaco Boot today - $299 plus shipping for anyone who wants to know their rather secretive pricing. Don’t know how the benefit/price compares to other options but it seemed like a good option based on all I have read. Wife and mom and kids taking very good care of me thus far - this would be very tough on my own.

2 comments September 23rd, 2010

Day 2

Day 2 post surgery. The pain has greatly lessened. I took my last painkillers last night at 8 pm so hopefully I’m done with those. Still very painful if not elevated - so I think I’ll keep it elevated. Wondering how the stitches look - wish I could see them.

According to the initial plan, I am 19 or so days from a boot. That seems awfully quick to me. I am NOT planning on going through this again so I plan to be very conservative! Thanks for all the earlier feedback. Btw if anyone like non-fiction - American Buffalo is a great read.

7 comments September 22nd, 2010

The day after

I had surgery yesterday on my right Achilles. Looks like surgery was the right call in my case as my doctor said the tendon had separated by a couple of inches. I suppose that couldn’t be seen on the MRI? The doc said he had to use longer and more sutchers than he initially planned. Also mentioned something about having had to leave some sort of stitch that is permanent? All this is a little hazy since at first I didn’t even remember talking with him.
Today - in a brace and have a lot of pain. I read that 20% to 30% of surgeries have moderate to severe pain. I had a nerve block that wore off about 10pm last night. Took the first painkillers last night at 4:30. They seem to take the pain from extreme to bearable. Hopefully this won’t last too long.
Sounds like the plan is 3 weeks with nwb then to a boot. I was wondering if anyone has tried the boot advertised on this site (vaco cast) and what their experience with it has been? Any thoughts or advice on any of this will be appreciated.


12 comments September 21st, 2010

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