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10K - I made it!!

Filed under: Uncategorized — dreams at 3:57 pm on Saturday, June 12, 2010

For the past 5 years I have been saying that ‘one of these years’ I was going to sign up and walk the Bellin (a 10K run/walk).  I kept blowing it off because I had better things to do.  This year I signed up in early May as soon as I was sure that my wound would not have issues.  I have been trying to walk at a relatively fast pace, but was having to stop after 3-4 miles because of the pain (I have been having some issues with tendinitis).  I set a goal to finish in under 2 hours (although I promised myself that I would be satisfied with finishing).  I told my walking partners that I wanted to keep up with them for the first 2-3 miles, and then I would probably slow down and let them go.  The first three miles went great, and although I started to feel some pain just before the 4 mile mark, I was able to push through it and stay at a decent pace.  I walked the last half mile in some serious pain, but I finished with my walking partners 1:42:42 (6:32 pace).  That’s almost back to my normal walking pace.  I iced as soon as I got home, and at this point it seems like I’m no worse off than my normal exercise.

I’ve never been a runner- and I’ve never had the drive to be one.  I was athletic in high school, but running was never my thing.  I have spent most of the last 9 years (the age of my oldest) as an overweight/borderline obese person who liked to play bar league sports, and walk on a pretty regular basis.  I have always told myself I was going to get back in shape, but I never have.  I feel like this is just the push I needed.  My cousin kept saying the entire way that she wanted to run the distance next year, and although I’m not ready to commit to that- I really want to try running.  I have come to realize that the ability to be ‘in shape’ is a gift, and I need to stop taking it for granted, and send a thank you note in the form of a healthy, active body.

I know this is a bit rambley, but when you have an hour and forty two minutes to think- a lot runs through your mind.  For now- one goal met, and a lot more to come.

Deanne (aka DREAMS)



Comment by normofthenorth

June 13, 2010 @ 2:29 pm

Sounds good! I love ogling trim shapely people (OK, women!) as much as anybody, but don’t confuse fitness with being at some chart’s “ideal” weight. The health and mortality statistics are all pretty clear: Active and FIT people live longer and better, whether they’re at “ideal” weight or not.

Couch potatoes who are at “ideal” weight don’t do anywhere as well as overweight people who are fit and active. In fact, I think the mortality stats say that the slightly overweight (and fit) actually do BETTER than the “ideal” weight (and fit)! And that relationship gets stronger when you age, from what I’ve read. Before my Dad died at 98, his doctor used to call some excess weight a “reserve”, and I think the stats bear out that interpretation for older folks.

BTW, I’ve never liked running, either — though I love super-active high-speed sports, including competitive volleyball.


Comment by mari

June 27, 2010 @ 12:27 am


I’m proud of you!

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