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So the good news is that my PT is pretty sure my wound is not infected.  She said the lack of heat, redness, and odor indicate that it is probably not an infection.  However, since the wound doesn’t seem to be making progress (it was making very SLOW progress before I started PT last week) she thinks I should call the doctor’s office and at least let him know that it is not making progress and that there is a small amount of yellowish tinged drainage.  My fear now is that he will tell me to stop PT.  He wasn’t that keen on PT to begin with, and this seems like the perfect excuse.  The problem is that I can see real progress (however incremental).  I find it easier to do the exercises with the bands every day, and I seem to be more sturdy when balancing on my bad foot.

So for now I am exercising and icing as normal…I will be calling my surgeon in the morning to let him know about the drainage and see what my next course of action is.  Thank you for all of your advice and help.

Deanne (aka DREAMS)



Comment by GerryR

January 27, 2010 @ 8:55 pm

See my original comments about getting a culture. The last surgeon to operate on me looked at the drainage and said, “I’m sure that isn’t infected, I’ll cauterize it with silver nitrate and that will be it.” I came back less than a week later and said “Take the culture.” It was infected. Doster79’s doc said he didn’t have an infection, but when another surgeon actually did a culture he did. The PT, as much as you might like him/her cannot tell by looking, even the doctor can’t. There is only one sure way to know if there’s an infection and that is a culture. Having an infection does not mean you have to stop PT, it means you need antibiotics or things will get really ugly. My first infection made my foot look like an overripe eggplant, it was really nasty.


Comment by doster79

January 28, 2010 @ 5:24 pm

i’m no doctor but i’d def ask for a culture. my ortho thought it was fine but when i had to see the plastic surgeon he did a culture and put me on antibiotics the next day.

when i saw him after surgery he said i was starting to get a nasty infection, and had to cut some of the infected tissue out. i thought i was taking very good care of my wound, hydrogen peroxide twice daily and bacitracin. but if the infection is deep that won’t help.

my ortho wanted to see me every week while i still had the open wound, and he suggested that i go see a reconstructive surgeon probably 3 weeks before i actually bucked up and did. i kept on telling him “let’s wait and see”, and after 3 weeks of no progress he finally sat down and said “i know the last thing you want to do is have to go to another surgery, but it’s not getting better on it’s own and starting to interfere with you recovery.”

so i fall a month behind in PT, but it could be a lot worse. i can’t go walking around with a hole in the back of my leg for the rest of my life.


Comment by dreams

January 28, 2010 @ 9:17 pm

Thanks for the advice. I still plan on getting in to see my surgeon and getting a culture. I just was a little stressed about how quickly I need to get in there. I am currently choreographing (insert joke here) and costuming our high school musical that goes up next week. In addition we started 2nd semester this past Monday. My wound is shrinking every week it is just doing so very slowly. It looks like the ‘open’ section is less than 1/2 an inch at this point. I’m hoping to get in next week hopefully during my prep.

Deanne (aka DREAMS)


Comment by dreams

January 29, 2010 @ 4:39 pm

Update…called today, and since they are not open on the weekend, and I had a full day today anyway- I was told to call back Monday or Tuesday and make an appointment for some time next week (provided I don’t see significant improvement before then). Apparently standard course of action is to take a culture, but also to start proactive general antibiotics in the mean time. As of right now no restrictions to my PT which is great, because I felt like I made major progress today.

Deanne (aka DREAMS)

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