Half way to finish line

Have just had my 7 month anniversary. At the time of my injury 7 months seemed an eternity but hopefully am over the hump and its smooth sailing to the finish line.

My strength is slowly returning but I’m not getting too excited just yet.  Flexion is good and improving.  My calf muscle is still skinny but is starting to show a bit of shape! Trying to keep up the exercises particularly the strengthening activity. The tendon is still a bit lumpy which is of some concern to the Physio but I’m hoping that this will improve with more strengthening work

The tendon still feels a bit tight although it’s not stopping me from riding my bike and getting on the cross trainer.  I haven’t gone for a jog as yet but may give this a go in the next month - while not in training for a marathon would like to be able to do a few km’s!

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  1. Hi Downunderrandy,

    Seven months seems like a dream to me. At 11 weeks, I’m feeling as though it’s been a long journey. Glad to hear that you’re able to ride your bike. I keep looking longingly at mine.

    Re: lumpy tendon. I too had/have a lumps of scar tissue but it has dramatically improved since my physio has me using a foam ‘roller’ every day. It’s just a hard foam roll - I put the bad leg on the roller, good leg resting on top of the bad leg, push myself into a sitting position and roll the roller up and down the calf. At first, it hurt like heck but now it’s actually beginning to feel good. The physio says there’s been a big improvement and that the tendon has flattened. Maybe you could mention this to your physio.

    Keep up the spirit - you’re almost at the finish line.

  2. Good to hear you are going well Andy. Same here with the lump. Good tip from Loumar. I think my physio suggested the same but I didn’t have the foam roll. I got stuck into massage. Mine has gone and now over 2 years the tendon is much thinner but will never be the same as the other. One of the best things to do for strength is walk up hills or stairs. This will load your calf nicely without that explosive load that comes with running. With stairs you can load your calf more of less by moving the position of your foot on the stair. Your transition into running should not be too far away. Hope it goes well. Just got home from a couple of weeks in Sydney. Sure don’t miss it.

  3. Stuart, I think I caught you wishing that your post-rupture AT was the same as the other one. Be careful what you wish for! After rupturing BOTH of mine, they’re pretty similar. . . :-)

  4. Norm - Plan for the worst and hope for the best then whatever happens you are prepared for the outcome.

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