Day 18 Post-Tear, Day 7 Post-Surgery

Here are the Top 10 things I learned so far… This has been a good exercise in humbling myself:

1. I keep a large backpack close, that way I can move things around the house on my back when using crutches.  Otherwise moving things on crutches is mostly impossible. I can kick some things down the hall, but anything large or heavy must go in the backpack.

2. Thankful I was in good shape before this b/c getting around to do normally easy things is difficult. If I has been out of shape, overweight or had other health issues I would likely have been stuck in bed.

3. I hate asking people to do things for me, and I hate asking people to do normal things for me even more.

4. Thinking about buying diapers for my dog b/c he only has to pee/poop when I am lying down or sleeping.

4a. Thinking about buying adult diapers b/c I only have to pee/poop when I am lying down or sleeping. Problem being I have no one to change my diapers!

5. I have all hardwood flooring, so I use a rolling office chair to move around in lieu of crutches to do some things.

6. I am glad this happened in winter and outside doesn’t look all that appealing to leave the house and do anything.

7. I took no opiate painkillers and am glad. The pain was not what I would call “pain”, more so annoying. Not worth risking a Brett Favre or Rush Limbaugh to avoid a few days of discomfort.

8. My right leg is going to be so much stronger now, when I first start to walk I will likely just go in circles.

9. Driving is fine since I hurt my left leg… Road vibrations are not so fine, potholes suck.

10.  I am extremely happy for my overall health and have a greater empathy for people with true disabilities and the challenges they face in everyday life.

5 Responses to “Day 18 Post-Tear, Day 7 Post-Surgery”

  1. I had to pee a lot and ended up using Gatorade bottles to not get up so often during the first week after surgery. My pain was super intense for the first few days afer surgery. Almost everyone else seemed to be ok without pain meds. Makes me really curious as to why… Also since you are already athletic, look into the hands free knee crutch, it is amazing. I have the iwalkfree 2.0 and using since 2 weeks post op. am currently 5 weeks post.

  2. Ask them for a cup at the hospital. They gave me one for free. I try to get as much from them for free as possible, considering how much I am paying everything I step into the hospital. LOL.

    I agree with number 10, one hundred percent.

    Start atrophy training, hip flexors, etc.

    Good luck and keep posting.

  3. Nice list, DH!

  4. Thx for the replies and ideas!

  5. Excellent list! I agree with pretty much everything on your list.

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