Why cipro weakens tendons

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I once promised that you guys would be among the first to know if a theory of mine worked out, and it appears that it has.  Ciprofloxacin and related antibiotics have some unexpected effects, including inhibiting the prolyl hydroxylase enzyme that crosslinks collagen.
For more details:
and follow the pdf file link for all the details.
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Doug53, now almost 60

Five years ago tonight

Five years ago tonight, I blew out my Achilles playing basketball. I thought I would stop by my old online community and say hi to mark the occasion.
I had surgery five days later, followed by a rehab I made up myself as I went that was way faster than what my doctor recommended. [...]

Tendon healed a little long, but OK

Hello all,
I know this site is about Achilles injuries, but it was interesting how similar my finger extensor tendon tear issues were to Achilles issues. In particular, don’t rerupture and don’t heal long. Well, my autistic daughter got out of control about two weeks in and, while getting her into her safe room, [...]

Basketball claims another tendon

Not another Achilles, though, just one of my fingers’ extensor tendons. I’m in a homemeade splint for now, and will work on getting to a hand specialist tomorrow.
On a more Achilles-related topic, I have a hypothesis about why ciprofloxacin weakens tendons, and I’ve found a biochemist willing to test part of the hypothesis in [...]

Two years postop, doing fine

Hello fellow ATR sufferers,
It dawned on me while I was out cross-country skiing this morning that today is the two year anniversary of my ATR surgery.  I failed to note the day of the rupture itself, 2/8.
I had been off the basketball court for over two years after a bicycle accident caused a fairly bad [...]

Back on the basketball court

I’m a long way postop, over 21 months. The early part of my rehab was pretty fast, and my leg has felt nice and strong for over a year. Still, I took my sweet time going back to basketball.
Yesterday, I had an appointment with a doctor who specializes in ultrasound exams of healing [...]

Nine months postop

Hi all,
Friday the 13th in February was the day of my surgery. Things are going very well now. There is still that trace of stiffness for the first few steps upon awakening in the morning. When I jump up and down on my injured foot, keeping the heel off the ground, it gets a little achy [...]

First dunk since the rupture!

Well, okay, on a 9 1/2 foot basket; but cut me some slack, I’m 54 years old. Still a nice milestone, though, as I haven’t dunked on a real ten foot basket in ten years. It felt great. I have been doing lots of bouncing on my toes lately, so I guess that paid off.
Feeling [...]

Six months on, calf at full strength!

Hello all,
It has been six months since that ATRocious day I popped my tendon playing basketball, with surgery five days later. I can honestly say the calf is back to full strength, with just one exception. The strength is all there for the single leg calf raises. I measured each calf lifting [...]

Vibration to lessen muscle atrophy?

Hi all,
I just ran across something really interesting. There is a rat model of muscle atrophy where the back legs are kept off the ground. It is primarily used to study the effects of weightlessness in space. Like after Achilles surgery, the calf muscles atrophy a lot after 14 days of no [...]