Five years ago tonight

Five years ago tonight, I blew out my Achilles playing basketball. I thought I would stop by my old online community and say hi to mark the occasion.

I had surgery five days later, followed by a rehab I made up myself as I went that was way faster than what my doctor recommended. The main thing I did different was to start calf strengthening almost immediately, (details in my 4/29/09 note). I also wonder if using a vibrator on my calf helped, (details in my 8/6/09 note). It all worked out well. I thought about giving up basketball for a year or two, but eventually got back into it. It’s all a distant memory now.

It is good to see Norm is here, helping out new arrivals with his expertise.

I succeeded in getting a researcher to look into an idea I had about why antibiotics like ciprofloxacin make ATRs more likely. The work is going on now. If it works out, I’ll post about it here someday.

Hang in there, folks, it gets better.

Best wishes,

Doug53, now 58

6 Responses to “Five years ago tonight”

  1. Great to “hear your voice” again, Doug! And great on the research, too. I’m still working on the UWO team to try to convince them to analyze their data to see if waiting 2 or 5 or 13 days before (non-op) treatment affects outcomes or not.

    I hope you and yours — daughter, right? — are doing well.

  2. BTW, I had to fight some docs not to get Cipro myself for an infection about a year ago! Heck, I’ve only torn THREE tendons so far…

  3. Hi Norm,

    Those of us who have blown an Achilles should avoid ciprofloxacin (and the other fluoroquinolone antibiotics), just as you fought to do. The risk of blowing the other side is high enough already. How to get that word out to the ATR “victims” who need to know?

    My daughter is doing a little better, but life is still a challenge.

    Best wishes from snowed-in SE Minnesota,


  4. Right back at you from snowed-in (but now raining then re-freezing!) Toronto!

    This site is helping educate some of the ATR patients about Cipro, etc..

    On the other side, I wish the Med establishment would try to get Docs to check their patients for a history of tendon ruptures (like my 2 ATRs and a torn finger tendon) before prescribing those drugs. At least for the “bug” I had, there were cheap and easy alternatives.

  5. Hi Doug, I was just checking in as its around my 6th anniversary and I saw your name. I remember we communicated about the Cipro. I had been on it for a long time due to severe tooth and gum infection. I’m sure that is what happened to me. Glad you are doing well, I’m not doing so well but not to worry. I still email on a regular basis with Smish, Richard and Jonathan which is great fun.

  6. Of course I should have added a VERY BIG THANK YOU to Dennis for this site which has been a fantastic source of help and advise for us all.

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