Basketball claims another tendon

Not another Achilles, though, just one of my fingers’ extensor tendons. I’m in a homemeade splint for now, and will work on getting to a hand specialist tomorrow.

On a more Achilles-related topic, I have a hypothesis about why ciprofloxacin weakens tendons, and I’ve found a biochemist willing to test part of the hypothesis in his lab. Wish me luck!


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  1. Sorry to hear that, Doug. I tore my right ring-finger’s last-joint (phalangeal?) extensor in a volleyball match, in-between my two ATRs. I casted it for the standard period (6 weeks? 8?), first time without any noticeable benefit. Then my Sports-med Doc sent me to a hand specialist, who was 100% NOT amused that I’d continued playing volleyball in the splint the whole time. He put me on a different splint (aluminum, foam, and adhesive tape) — it was quite secure once it was on, but putting it on my right (dominant) hand was VERY scary for that tendon! He also prescribed “NO SPORTS” (which I took to exclude bicycling and sailing, but to include volleyball).

    After another 6 or 8 weeks, it was functional, though with a slight “crane’s neck” deformation. I was afraid that the slight pre-bend of that joint would pre-dispose me to re-rupture it while blocking a spike, but that didn’t happen up until my second ATR, and I’m still waiting to return to volleyball. Hopefully this Fall, if things continue to go well with my cardiac rehab.

    BTW, after I tore my finger’s extensor tendon early in an evening of competitive volleyball, I did NOT figure out that I was injured — but I kept thinking it was strange that the league gave us a volleyball that was so far out of round! ;-)

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