Two years postop, doing fine

Hello fellow ATR sufferers,

It dawned on me while I was out cross-country skiing this morning that today is the two year anniversary of my ATR surgery.  I failed to note the day of the rupture itself, 2/8.

I had been off the basketball court for over two years after a bicycle accident caused a fairly bad neck injury.  The impact actually fused two of the vertebrae in my neck, and probably would have killed me had I not been wearing a helmet.  So I was rusty as could be after such a long layoff, but after an hour on that first day back I was starting to get the feel of it again, until the dreaded pop happened.

I was a bad patient, rehabbing well ahead of my doctor’s plans, walking in my shoes between three and four weeks, riding my bike on the road at four weeks, and able to hold up my weight with my calf just past eight weeks postop.  So I was back to everyday stuff pretty quickly, and was soon biking as if nothing had happened.  I stayed off the basketball court for a long time, though, just getting back to that a few months ago.  The Achilles doesn’t bother me at all now, it’s my arthritic knees that get my attention while playing basketball.

Hang in there, folks, it’s a nasty injury, but you can get back in the action.

Doug53, now 55

3 Responses to “Two years postop, doing fine”

  1. Great to hear from you, Doug, and great to hear that you’re still having some fun! I’ve gotten back to skiing after my recent heart surgery, and I’d be bicycling if the roads here weren’t full of frozen-slush “death cookies”.

    Newbies here should review Doug’s earlier posts — maybe especially around April 2009 — for his fascinating bad-boy rehab story and a bunch of sensible tips and tricks, too.

    Doug, I’ve still heard nothing back from Mayo about changing their online advice on ATR repairs and such. Mind you, I haven’t checked for a long time to see if anything has quietly changed. . .

  2. Just joined, Im 2.5 years out, i have ripped both, recently i been waking up barely able to walk after playing bball last night.

  3. Doug,

    Your posts about aggressive rehab got me inspired at week 4 post op for my torn Achilles. I’ve done some research now, and it seems you are not a bad patient at all. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons appears to “moderately” recommended <2 week supported weight bearing and early mobilization 2-4 post op. Here is the reference doc:

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