Walking in my shoes within four weeks (updated)

I hope someone finds this useful.
I’ve been able to rehab my tendon and calf quite quickly since my surgery on 2/13/09.  My goal here is to share, in much detail (and length, I’m afraid), how I did it and what I’ve learned in the process.  This may, in particular, help others who are looking for [...]

A happy milestone

I had a nice surprise today. I was doing my “eccentric contraction” calf exercises. To do this exercise, I stand up,  lift the heel of my “bad” foot off the ground, very gradually lean more weight onto my bad foot from the other foot, until the calf gives out, and the heel slowly goes back to the ground. Well, tonight, while [...]

Walking in my shoes within four weeks

This worked well for me, your mileage may vary. I’m 53 years old, in fair but not great shape, so if I can do this, I suspect many other younger or more fit people can do the same or better. Here is how things progressed:
First, my completely torn Achilles tendon was surgically fixed five days [...]