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Dec 12 2012

14 Months 7 days

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I went in to have surgery on 12/05/12, for debriedment and irrigation of my AT repair. I had a full rupture tendon reattachment with tendon graft jacket. Really the time has just flown by since my injury 10/05/2011. I had no idea that my surgeon does not use disolving sutchers. Like I had posted in August that my wound healed, it still didn’t look at all that great. I just wanted to be done withe them! So I waited it out and went back to Wound care 09/15 when they removed a tiny piece of sutcher. Wound care Doc was so hesitant of slicing open my new skin but I told him if he didn’t I would.  I healed good but it was still a little bit inflamed. So I sent pictures and called my surgeon that did the repair and he had me come in. I had no idea that he did not used disolving type sutchers. Sure enough 2 rather large knots of sutchers were working their way out. He explained that he alignes the AT fibers and whip stiches the ends together and tucks the knotted sutchers inside the graft jacket. The stiches stay as the AT reattaches itself. So I went back to NWB and crutches for a week and get the stiches out 12/19. Alas I think I’ll be done! So with that said I am going to email elisabeth and make her an offer on my Vacocast boot. Take care all and happy healing.    

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