Jan 10 2012

Surgeon Visit

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Well I have a followup with my surgeon tomorrow. He will most likely order some plastic surgery for a skin graft on my incision. Due to a PA not putting steri strips on the incision when the temporary cast and stiches were removed on November 04. I developed a gaping hole near the ankle bone. It is not skinning over and very little to no red tissue. Has anyone experienced this?  

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  1. cherryon 30 Jan 2016 at 1:17 pm

    Hi. I’m new here and can’t figure out how to make a new post! Doryt - i know this is years old but I want to say: This has happened to me!!! Most of my incision (about 3.5 centimeters) dehisced and partially necrosed at 4 weeks post op. So I am almost to 6 weeks now and in the wound care world. I have 3.5cm x 1cm x .75cm deep hole. This would not be a huge deal elsewhere on my body but the poor blood supply is what caused the dehiscence in the first place - and the poor blood supply is what is going to make this a very long road. I am allowing myself to hope to say goodbye to my new friend - a wound van - in 3 weeks. The granulation tissues has to be even with the skin to make that step. Going from there to wound totally closed - I don’t dare to guess. doryt - It looks like it was an extremely long road for you. But there is an end right?

  2. cherryon 30 Jan 2016 at 1:31 pm

    wound vac - not wound van :)

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