Achilles detached from the heel

I’ve been searching the internet for days researching my injury and have found so little information that I hope what I write will help others in the future.
It began with pain and tenderness around the heel where the tendon attaches on my right foot. This started last fall and after enduring the pain for a month or two I finally went to a Podiatrist. He explained the tenderness and sent me on my way with exercises. He wouldn’t give me a cortisone injection, saying it would weaken the tendon even more. The pain grew worse so I went to an Orthopedic. He x-rayed my foot and gave me an injection. The x-ray did not show anything unusual and the injection was worthless. So I just continued with the exercises and would massage the area every morning after my shower.
Over time the pain increased and moved to higher areas of the tendon. The heel no longer hurt but the area between my foot and calf would burn. Since I drove a great deal I just chalked it up to abuse on my part and didn’t do anything special and kept with my routine.
Then the pain really got bad, to the point where I could not push off or plant my foot. I didn’t want to go back to either the Podiatrist or Orthopedic and being fortunate enough to have a wonderful family physician I called his office and had them issue a prescription for a MRI. I made an appointment to have it done and another to see my physician two days later to review the results. Well, I didn’t make it.
On the 14th of this month my wife and I attended the graduation of our niece from college. While walking back to her dorm room I stepped off/onto the curb in front of her building and suddenly felt an intense burning feeling in my foot, like someone had stabbed me with a hot iron. I stumbled up to a building and propped myself up until the pain subsided. After a minute or two resting against the wall I was able to walk back to my car and drive home, although my foot was very tender.
The next morning I didn’t shower so my morning foot massage did not occur. But the next day as I reached down to massage the tendon area I found a surprise – a big soft area directly above my heel. I could actually feel the gap and the end of the tendon that had torn away. I immediately made an appointment with the Podiatrist (I wasn’t happy with the way I was treated by the Orthopedic) and the next day he gave me the bad news.
The tendon was completely detached from my heel. And because of the nature of the injury the only recourse was surgery. He explained how pins would be screwed into my heel and the tendon stretched and attached. If the tendon did not have enough elasticity he would add some cadaver tendons. I was told the operation would take 3 hours and then spend 2 months in a cast. Well, my wife was too keen on a Podiatrist performing the operation so I arranged to see a different Orthopedic, which happened today.
From everything I’d been able to find on the internet about my injury the consensus was that surgery was the only option. But the doctor toady wanted to put my foot in a cast right away and said the chances were good the tendon would reattach itself to the bone. He said 6 weeks in a cast, then a boot and then PT. This procedure caught me by surprise. I went to him to get the lowdown on surgery and he didn’t want to do it. The Podiatrist had informed me that if scar tissue was present it would be necessary to remove it because the tendons would not attach to the bone with scar tissue present.
There are two reasons why I think there’s scar tissue present. First are my symptoms indicating the tendon may have been gradually tearing away piece by piece and the final ligament snapped that fateful day 2 weeks ago. Another was I had no pain anywhere. Consequently there was no inflammation. Walking was not painful just uncomfortable because I had to “think” while I stepped, making certain I did not push off on my right foot.
When I asked the Orthopedic what would happen if the tendon did not attach, he said he would operate and then I was looking at another cast for 8 weeks. So now I’m at the stage of trying to find another surgeon and get his opinion. I ‘m not going to let the Podiatrist do the operation, just would rather have someone more experienced.
Another hold-up is I’m self-employed. So no sick leave or anything. So I need to get in as much work as possible before the operation to build-up a nest egg. So that’s where I stand now. I will add again after I see the next doctor.