Here we go again?

It’s interesting and coincidental that I’m being asked about my recovery at this time because although the ankle that was operated on is feeling better (finally) I’m now having pain in the other ankle. I’m obviously prone to tendinitis in my Achilles because my left ankle began bothering me right after the surgery on the right.

To bring everyone up to date, my last PT was in November. I determined there was not point continuing since what I was doing with the therapist I could do myself at home and save the $$$. I still have pain the area when I’ve been on my feet for long periods or if I need to drive for extended times. I don’t expect to be fully pain free until I lose some weight.

My left ankle became tender about the same time as the operation and has become increasingly painful. But the discomfort is localized more in my heel and almost at the bottom. On 5/22 after walking around that morning it became so painful I couldn’t even put pressure on it and contemplated going to the emergency room since it was a Saturday. But instead I applied iced and rested. Slowly my ankle felt well enough that I could walk, but just barely.

I couldn’t get in to see the Orthopedic who performed my operation until the end of the next week so I went to the Podiatrist first. He took x-rays which showed a great deal of calcium build-up in the area. Gave me a boot to wear and said to rest and come back in 4 weeks.

A few days later I saw the Orthopedic. He also took x-rays (I didn’t tell him I’d visited the Podiatrist), gave me a cortisone shot – which supposedly should not be given for tendon tendinitis – and told me to add elevation to my insoles and see a Physical Therapist. I didn’t wear the boot to the appointment and he didn’t suggest I wear one.

Two differing treatment opinions.

I’ve been wearing the boot now for 3 weeks and although the area doesn’t feel as tender there is still pain, especially if I’ve been on me feet for extended periods. I’m self-employed and had committed myself to some projects before the injury worsened and couldn’t cancel so I did what I could wearing the boot. Consequently I didn’t rest as much as the Podiatrist would have preferred.

Yesterday I removed the boot and added some extra cushioning to my shoe and began wearing them. So far I don’t feel as much pain but I think it may because I’m resting more. I return to the Podiatrist next week and will inform him of my visit to the Orthopedic and ask why the differing treatments. Until then I’ve declined any work to rest and “clunk” around the house.

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  1. Sorry to hear that. Is the calcium like bone spurs? I had bone spurs in my lower back that caused a couple of nerves to be pinched, sometimes for long periods of time, resulting in a fair amount of pain. I was back riding my horse 6 weeks after the surgery to remove them. That was in 2000 and they haven’t come back, so far.
    As for the podiatrist, when I was looking for someone to do my fourth surgery I talked with a foot/ankle specialist in Oregon Health Sciences University who had practiced in southern Oregon for several years. He said probably 75% of his practice was correcting problems created by podiatrists. He didn’t have a very high opinion of them. I hope you get better.

  2. Most tendon problems are now referred to as “tendinosis” rather than (the older) “tendonitis”, and the change in terminology is related to the fact that cortisone (and NSAIDS) is not administered for it much these days.

    The old “-itis” indicated that it was an inflammation, which apparently it usually is not. (That’s what I understand with AT pain, and also with the two common elbow problems, tennis and “golfer’s” elbows.) Anti0inflammatories like Cortisone (a steroid) and NSAIDS (NON-steroidal anti-anflammatories) are naturally most effective in treating inflammations, and “not so much” at treating tendinosis, which seems to be a different sort of deterioration of the tendon.

    Me, I’ve survived a nasty bout of “golfer’s elbow” (from volleyball, which cleared up (all but the bump, which remains) maybe partly due to some exercises I got, and did.

    What you’ve got sounds close to PF (plantar fasciitis, aka “heel spur”), which usually responds to various kinds of soft and “donut” supports that take pressure off the spot that hurts. It’s y’r basic “It hurts when I do THIS!” “So stop doing THAT!”

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