Infected scar tissue

Well, time to add another installment. Physical Therapy has been going on for about 6 weeks and the progress is good and bad. Good is the movement in the ankle area. When I first began my ankle was stiff and inflexible. Now it can rotate around. Walking is much easier but stairs are still one at a time, especially going down.

But the bad overwhelms the good. One of the exercises is to step on and off a foam cushion, one foot at a time. During one of the sessions I must has twisted my back – it’s a bit difficult to keep your balance –and since then I’ve had extreme pain on the left side of my body from the hip down to the foot. So a back evaluation has been scheduled for this Tuesday. But that won’t happen because something more serious has developed.

I drive a great deal in my work and this past Saturday I went out working. A little less than 100 miles, which is not a large amount for me. But when I got home the incision area on my foot was tender and sore from the shoe rubbing against the scar. Now it’s worse, clearly raw and infected. So back to the surgeon I go tomorrow (hopefully)for treatment. And since it’s my right foot, which receives a great deal of use while pressing on the accelerator pedal, I have to devise some method where the shoe doesn’t constantly rub against the scar.

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  1. this is when gladiator sandals would come handy…;-)

    Good luck with your back and hope there is no more infection.

  2. Dogtired,
    Fingers crossed the infection is only superficial. A thought on the shoe not rubbling the scar problem: Some people love them and some hate them, but I am a huge fan of crocs. They are the only shoes I can wear without socks underneath and not get blisters because they don’t contact with any of your foot except the sole. I’ve always found them fine for driving and they do a variety of more masculine styles too. Just a thought!

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