Old cast off - new cast on.

Today (29th) was the first visit with the Orthopedic since the operation two weeks ago. I got to see my ankle when they changed the cast. Ten stitches and two staples held the skin together. It looked nasty but didn’t hurt and there was no swelling. Thankfully I never got an infection, probably because he had me on antibiotics for the past two weeks. Talk about making you fart – jeez.

The doctor did mention again my tendon was a mess when he got inside. He stated there was virtually no tendon attached to the bone and what remained further up was difficult to pull down to fasten to the bone. Because of this I’ll be in a solid cast for at least another 6 weeks. Today’s replacement cast was identical to the one applied at the hospital, angled downward with my toes pointing to the ground. This position enables the tendons better connectivity during healing. If there aren’t any complications the next cast in 3 weeks will be angled a little more even. But I’ll still be walking/hobbling mostly on my toes.

Getting around hasn’t been as difficult as I envisioned. Taking a shower is a different story. Plastic trash bag tucked in at the top and then duct-taped. I ordered one of those elastic sacks that cover casts and will see how that works. Getting in and out of the tub/shower is exhausting. We have a whirlpool tub, which means the rim is wider than a normal tub. Lifting my leg over the rim is a little difficult but I’m getting the hang of it. And since it now appears I’m stuck at home for another 6 weeks, I’m sure I’ll get plenty of practice. Then the therapy will kick in, which I’ve been told can be worse than the surgery. Can’t wait.

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  1. As a recent recruit, I’ve just been reading your blog. Wow, that all sounds very painful and, assuming you’re in the States, rather incompetent for medical advice you’re paying for.
    Hope things are still improving.

  2. It sounds like a pain in the ……

    I have a Whirlpool Tub W/ TV and it is quite an experience. I love it and it is pretty easy to get in. I just sit on the edge of the tub and slide each leg in. Much easier than trying to step over the edge.

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