The doctor and date have been selected.

I had an appointment yesterday (8th) with the Orthopedic who injected me. We are set for next Tuesday (16th). One of the concerns about this entire endeavor was the inability of my wife to drive me to appointments and other necessary visits. Fortunately this doctor has an office nearby and he elected to perform the procedure in a hospital around the corner from me instead of his own operating room in another office location further away. Some of the reasons for the use of the hospital involve the irregular heartbeat I have and the availability of some cadaver tendon in case it’s needed. The doctor said my tendon probably didn’t completely sever from the bone but did tear low to the bone.

The ortho explained the differences between casting now – which he said would remain on for up to 12 weeks – and the surgery, with a cast for 6-8 weeks. You can guess which choice I selected. So next Tuesday I’ll head over to the hospital at 1:00 PM and hopefully be home later that day. But until then there’s a lot of stuff to do.

Today I go back to my doctor for another EKG and blood tests. I still have a few days of work I must finish before next week and then there’s the massive amount of work around the house to get it more accessible. Purchased a new sofa last Saturday, so that needs to be delivered and the old one moved. (Going to try to tip the deliverymen to move the old one upstairs). Also need to order from Amazon a bunch of stuff to make life easier while in the cast. And since my wife doesn’t drive I need to stock up on food – Costco and BJ’s watch out, here we come.

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  1. Hi DogTired…

    I’m passed 9 months Post OP. I was in a none weight bearing cast for 4 weeks, full weight bearing cast for 2. Walking boot for 2 then back in two shoes. PT started when they took the cast off. Hang in there. There will be a lot of sitting around with your leg elevated. Catch up on your favorite tv program.

    Good Luck

    San Diego

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