Old cast off - new cast on.

Today (29th) was the first visit with the Orthopedic since the operation two weeks ago. I got to see my ankle when they changed the cast. Ten stitches and two staples held the skin together. It looked nasty but didn’t hurt and there was no swelling. Thankfully I never got an infection, probably because he [...]


Well, the dirty deed was done this past Tuesday. I actually received a call from the doctor’s office the night before asking if my operation could be moved up a few hours. Which actually turned out much better, allowing me longer to recuperate and leave the hospital that night.
Of course the surgeon was behind schedule [...]

The doctor and date have been selected.

I had an appointment yesterday (8th) with the Orthopedic who injected me. We are set for next Tuesday (16th). One of the concerns about this entire endeavor was the inability of my wife to drive me to appointments and other necessary visits. Fortunately this doctor has an office nearby and he elected to perform the [...]