Casted… again.

Well, I had my two week post-op visit yesterday.  And despite all my hopes and prayers, I was re-casted.  On the bright side, the incision looked great(I tried to post a picture of it, but couldn’t figure out how to get it done with my iPad). I guess I had kind of gotten my hopes up in the days before my appointment that I might be able to return to some level of normalcy, even though I knew in my head that I would still be NWB for at least an additional two weeks.

Ugh… It’s so frustrating.  I’m generally a very ‘glass is half full’ type person but this whole ATR thing is giving those rose colored glasses a slightly darker tint!  It’s irritating on so many levels. There is a multitude of big picture things that I can’t do, like work/drive, which are problematic.  Especially since I had just started at my current practice and was working to build a good client base and all I can think is that the base that I had invested so much time in building is slowly fading away as I sit on my couch.  Then there are the small things like carrying a drink from the kitchen to the couch or showering that can really throw a wrench into the works.  Even going to the bathroom is a chore and god forbid I drop something!  But it’s in these little things that I’ve been able to find my small ‘victories’ by figuring out a method or system to get these previously simple tasks done. And I guess that’s been key for me getting up each morning and facing the day, knowing that there is probably something new I can figure out how to do or how to do better.  In terms of the big picture stuff, for me it’s a matter of realizing all the little picture stuff that I still can’t do that help to put it in perspective.

At least this time I was conscious at the time of casting so I was able to pick the color for my cast!

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#1 darryn on 12.06.12 at 7:19 am

Sorry about the recast and frustration. Hang in there.
Do you have a knee scooter? This really helps around the house. Hand free to carry coffee, etc.

Re. Photo. I downloaded the Wordpress app and that enables you to upload photos.

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