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May 01 2010

8 months along

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Progress continues, though more slowly than hoped for, now eight months post injury. On one leg, I can raise my heel off the ground about an inch at best. The injured calf is still smaller than the other. Running feels a bit awkward, though my general sense of balance is clearly improving. My calf swells slightly by the end of the day. The surgical repair site is mildly sore upon waking, or after sitting or standing for a prolonged period, but the soreness dissipates within a few minutes. I’ve been out shooting baskets a couple of times, but not willing to get into an actual game yet.

At my six month visit, my orthopedist was mildly concerned that the tendon might be healing long. My ankles have always been fairly flexible, and I can’t detect any obvious difference in the range of motion (dorsiflexion) one side to the other. In any event, I would do anything to avoid surgery again. For now, we are taking a wait-and-see attitude. I’ll see him again in another month.

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