Strength frustrations

Hey everyone:

Just a quick update. I am now 14 weeks s/p ATR and walking much better. I still get a limp and some pain/swelling towards the end of the day but my family, friends, and patients all comment on how my gait has improved. Swelling is not as severe as before but I still have a bad day here and there. I am using a compression sock now on my longer days at work to help control the swelling. Seems to be working some.

Just also wanted to see how others are doing and see if my strength is behind. I still have very little strength in my calf when trying to do a standing heel raise (I still can barely lift my heel off the ground and if and when it does, it may be 1/2″ and can only hold it for a millisecond). I am doing partial WBing heel lifts on a shuttle in therapy. The exercise bands are too easy for me now even with the really thick one pulled very tight. I know this is a long journey but just annoyed with how slow the calf strength comes back.

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  1. Since you’re ahead of me, I’ve been following your progress. Sorry I can give any insight. I do look forward to your future posts.

  2. Comparisons are oderous. (Mrs. Malaprop) you’re doing fine, IMO.

  3. BTW, you should reread your post, because it tells a story of smooth and steady progress, despite your understandable impatience! :-)

  4. Greg, are you talking about 1 or 2-legged heel raises? I’m one week ahead of you (week 15) and just started single-leg heel raises on my injured leg. I also continue to do the transition exercise of a double heel raise and then lift up my good foot and descend (eccentric contraction) on my affected one. It’s much harder to do a full 1-legged heel raise on my injured foot–my rise (concentric contraction) is pretty pathetic. However, my PT assured me that this will improve quite a bit over the next 2-3 weeks. I think (full) calf strength is the last thing to come on this long road to recovery. -David

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. I have started to try some eccentric loading and it is insanely weak. At least I have gone from a complete inability to slow down the lowering to stopping it just a tad. I know it is a marathon but my brain is ready for mile 26 already!

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