First Day with 2 Shoes

First day at work with wearing two shoes vs the boot. Definitely a tight fit as I still have some swelling in the ankle. Feels good though to be at work without one pant leg up. I am getting pretty sore and I need to focus to have a more proper gait pattern.

Also started PT yesterday. It was very awkward being a patient at my own clinic. Guess just helps me better understand my own patients and how they feel. Felt awesome though after the edema massage and getting the joints moving. My ROM and flexibility is way ahead of schedule. Just felt so weak doing the resistance bands, single leg balancing, etc.

I still have my CAM boot as my doc said I may not make it the whole day the first week or two. I will do an ice treatment at lunch time to get the swelling down.

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  1. Did you tell The System how you did the ATR? Your ATR timeline doesn’t know.
    The rest seems OK. A Proper Gait, IMO, does NOT mean symmetrical. As long as everything else is normal, shortening the stride on one side is normal and beneficial. As your strength and ROM improve, that stride will naturally lengthen. Soon you’ll be able to walk slowly (shorter strides) perfectly, but still with a stride length asymmetry (or a “dip limp” at stride’s end) at higher speeds. Then perfectly at high speed…

  2. Greg, congratulations on the 2-shoes milestone! BTW, you should change your ATR Timeline status from PWB to 2-shoes, too. In the first week of a 2-week boot-weaning period I used my boot 4 times, then I put my boot on the shelf (as it were) and haven’t looked back. I’m now just beyond that 2-week period and I really feel like I’m getting some strength back in my leg. Going bootless has re-introduced some swelling and general soreness to my recovery, but overall I’m very glad to be back in 2-shoes–and I hope you will be too. -David

  3. Cingrats! Getting my boot today. I’m set to return to work in July 7th. My job requires me to do a fair bit of driving and some lifting. I was wondering how much weight you can put on it? Should I keep my crutches with me?

  4. Greg - Stupid me. Just found this. Well done. I also kept the boot around once in 2 shoes and used it on uneven ground or outside in the dark.

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