Strength frustrations

Hey everyone:
Just a quick update. I am now 14 weeks s/p ATR and walking much better. I still get a limp and some pain/swelling towards the end of the day but my family, friends, and patients all comment on how my gait has improved. Swelling is not as severe as before but I still have [...]

12 weeks

Hard to believe I am now at the 3 month mark. I am scheduled to see my surgeon tomorrow morning. Therapy is going well and I have regained almost 100% of my ankle motion. Only still feel some tugging at the incision site with stretching.
My intrinsic mm strength is much better but my calf still [...]

First Day with 2 Shoes

First day at work with wearing two shoes vs the boot. Definitely a tight fit as I still have some swelling in the ankle. Feels good though to be at work without one pant leg up. I am getting pretty sore and I need to focus to have a more proper gait pattern.
Also started PT [...]