8 weeks and 1 day

Just got back from my surgeon’s office and I am doing great and ahead of schedule. I started in the boot with no lifts yesterday and honestly feel no difference at all. Swelling still mild to moderate and also still getting some peroneal nerve "tingles" down the lateral side of my foot from time to time. I know this is all normal and should go away with time.

Finally got my orders to start therapy. Luckily, doing what I do, I have some awesome colleagues to chose from. I will start next week with formal sessions in addition to what I have already been doing. Then in 2 weeks, if everything is feeling good, I can transition to two shoes.

Sadly, one of my assistants called me Sunday night after injuring his ankle while playing basketball. Sure enough, he did the exact same thing! And he is only 25 so definitely on the younger side for an Achilles tear. I actually saw him coming into my surgeon’s office this morning as I was leaving. He should have his surgery scheduled for tomorrow sometime. Luckily I will have a kneeling scooter, an evenup, and a few other things he can borrow. I know it has only been 2 months, but it feels like it has been so much longer since my surgery.

I hope everyone else is doing well on their journey. Looking forward to the long road ahead and eventually getting back to the gym and jogging again!

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  1. Great to hear the progress DMB! I just finished my last stage of the boot before attempting two shoes full time (outside of the house). Slow, and a little sore, but so far so good. I had my first stationary bike ride, but am really looking forward to light jogging again as well!

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