5 weeks and 3 days: using the evenup

OK…..so the evenup has got to be one of the best inventions. I started using it today and man what a difference. Now that I am putting a normal amount of weight into my right leg (still have the boot and 2 heel lifts), I was getting some low back pain which I knew was do to being uneven. The evenup went on my shoe very easily, feels pretty stable, and I am actually walking better now with less deviations in my gait.

I am now going without crutches for short walks (i.e. from the car to my office, in the house, etc) but still using my scooter for when I am up and about for longer periods of time.

Amazing how my mind switches gear from: holy crap surgery it tomorrow –> surgery went well but I am sore –> getting better with my crutches but this cast sucks –> I miss the cast, weight bearing in my boot hurts like hell! –> getting used to weight bearing partially –> I am actually walking again!

Quite the journey in just a little over 5 weeks. Now I am going to be anxious to get 1 less heel lift and then eventually walk with just the boot.

2 Responses to “5 weeks and 3 days: using the evenup”

  1. Great news. I love your third paragraph - this injury sure has its “phases”. Just started PWB - looking forward to those first steps!

  2. Great report. It’s the rapid “gear changes” up to around 10 weeks in that make the next phase — the long period between “walking decently in 2 shoes” and “walking perfectly in 2 shoes” such a “frustrating plateau. But the leg needs what the leg needs, and it’s not designed to please the mind. . .

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