8 weeks and 1 day

Just got back from my surgeon’s office and I am doing great and ahead of schedule. I started in the boot with no lifts yesterday and honestly feel no difference at all. Swelling still mild to moderate and also still getting some peroneal nerve "tingles" down the lateral side of my foot from time to [...]

6 weeks and 2 days: down to one heel lift

I am now 1 1/2 months post surgery. Hard to believe it has been this long. I switched to just 1 heel lift in the boot yesterday and it feels almost the same. I am walking FWB now in the boot with no complications. I am still a little swollen but nothing Like I had [...]

5 weeks and 3 days: using the evenup

OK…..so the evenup has got to be one of the best inventions. I started using it today and man what a difference. Now that I am putting a normal amount of weight into my right leg (still have the boot and 2 heel lifts), I was getting some low back pain which I knew was [...]