CAM boot problems

OK….I got CAM boot at 8:30am this morning. Still used my scooter to get around but now I am starting to feel like an idiot. I cannot walk with my CAM boot without my crutches. My doc told me I can start walking with it but I am not sure if my leg is just not co-operating, if I am just that uncoordinated now, etc. I do feel extremely tight in the calf and Achilles when I fully weight bear. I know this is normal as this is the 1st time I am putting weight into my leg. I have 2 heel lifts as ordered and will go down to 1 heel lift in 2 weeks if everything goes as planned.

I am a physical therapist and know to land with a heel strike and then shift my weight forward but my leg is just not listening. I will practice more at home with my crutches. Hopefully this will just take some time. I did order the "evenup" as many of you have mentioned in your blogs as my left leg is feeling very short right now.

Anyway, if anyone else has experience this or is going through this, please let me know.

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  1. Not sure I’m qualified to respond, but I’ll share my experience as it may help. I was placed in my boot (an AirCast XP) with 2-wedges (each composed of 3-slivers) at 4-weeks post-op and given directions to remove 1 wedge each week for the next 6-weeks. I was also directed to begin PWB status and gradually move to FWB over a 2-week period–all this from my OS, as I hadn’t even begun to see a PT until after my 4-week post-op check-up. At my 1st PT appt, I learned I was placing approx. 25% weight on my injured foot (with crutches), which was fine, but then the following week I was at the same place even though I thought I was applying more weight. My PT then instructed me to do some simple balancing exercises while standing at the kitchen counter with my feet about shoulder distance apart (rocking side-to-side, forward and back, and diagonally–both ways). After just 3-days of this, I found myself able to graduate to FWB–and, now just 3-days later, haven’t looked back. It’s certainly not the most fluid gait, but I’m working on that and hope practice and some personal guidance from my PT will help. -David

  2. It took me about 2 weeks to transition from NWB through PWB to FWB (weeks 4 & 5 for me). I started with just PWB around the house for a week increasing the distance and weight as the days progressed. I didn’t really like using just a single crutch but I did a bit of that in the second week until I worked up the strength/nerve to walk parallel to the kitchen counter. Once I’d proven to myself that I could do that I gradually started FWB more and more around the house.

    Hang in there! Nothing in this recovery seems to come immediately but with patience and practice you’ll be FWB in no time!

  3. I have a theory - unproven - that the crutch people make this transition more easily than the scooter people. If you go through the motions of walk g while using crutches, I bet you’ll quickly go from 0% WB to 100%. With that practice and a dose of tincture of time…

  4. Great tips guys. Get my cam boot today. Iwas told I’ll be getting two wedges also. I’ll post on how it goes. Are you still icing your leg?

  5. Ok brace is on. She said is was healing fine. While sitting on the bench she had me bend my foot up. Unfortunately, it didn’t move much. It was very stiff. She said I should move it up and down a little every day. I was then fitted with a airboot with 2 lifts. All I can say it I feel like a newborn trying to learn how to walk. I feel safer with my crutches. I think I’ll stay on my crutches.

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