Day 6 in the CAM boot

My progress took a much needed "step" this past weekend. I think my scar tissue and calf increased in length a little. I am now able to partially walk in my CAM boot and no longer am getting that horrible stretch/burn sensation at my surgical site. This comes as a great relief as I thought [...]

2 Days into the CAM boot

So, doing much better than I was on Weds. I think my foot and leg got a major shock being out of the cast for the 1st time. Weds night was pretty horrible with a lot of swelling and pain. Luckily though some elevation, ice, Advil, and getting one of my staff therapists to massage some of [...]

CAM boot problems

OK….I got CAM boot at 8:30am this morning. Still used my scooter to get around but now I am starting to feel like an idiot. I cannot walk with my CAM boot without my crutches. My doc told me I can start walking with it but I am not sure if my leg is just [...]

1st post: surgery was on 3/25/2014

Hey everyone:
My name is Greg and I underwent ATR surgery at the end of March. It has been about 4 weeks since my surgery. I am not used to writing blogs (this will be my first) but I will do my best to share my experience in the hopes that it will help someone else [...]