Phsyical Therapist who tore his Achilles

Hey everyone:

My name is Greg and I am a 39 year old male who tore his Achilles on 3/21/2014 playing basketball. I am looking forward to sharing some experiences, getting some helpful hints/tips, and just being part of the community. Thanks!

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  1. Greg, welcome, as it were, to this exclusive club! Wow, as a PT, and now a patient, your insights should be invaluable to this group. If you would add the ATR Timeline widget to your blog here, it would make it easier for all to track your progress. I’m 6-weeks post surgery and just made it to FWB. -David

  2. Thanks David.

    I think I added it correctly. Let me know if I missed something though.

  3. It looks good–and I see you’ve already crossed the bridge over the bay to Brooklyn (metaphorically)!

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